Total War Three Kingdoms Mods – Making Original Game More Amazing

Find a complete list of all amazing mods created for the Total War Three Kingdoms game. A link to download every mod is also given for players to try these Three Kingdoms Mods.


Total War becomes the most popular series which consists of Turn Base & RTS styles. You can read more about these games on Best Total War Games – Most Popular Game in History of Strategy. Every game in the series is explained well with complete details.

If you are looking for more mods for other games in this series, just visit on Top Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods for all Total War Games, because mods for almost every game in the series are added there. In this article, you can read about mods created for Napoleon Total War only.

There are over 130 mods on Nexus but most of these mods are not popular and perfect. Many mods are created by users & later left them without completion. All mods chosen by us for in below list are perfect, amazing, fully working & complete for our users. Most of the mods on Nexus are very small which are not much effective in any way. Similar to some other sites, we can also provide you with a list of over 50 mods but that’s just useless because most mods created for this game are not effective.

Napoleon Total War Mods – Most Popular Mods from Amazing RTS Game Total War

Details of Total War Three Kingdoms Mods

1- Super Solider

Amazing mod which adds a unit with more powers & different abilities. There is a limit to recruit new units which are powerful and it’s important to know that everyone gets a chance to recruit them. But these units are very dangerous if used effectively against normal units of the game. Anyone can win a game if able to survive against super soldiers of enemies and effectively use their own soldiers to fight against enemies’ weak units.


2- Egemen’s Permanent Blood on Everywhere and Realism

With almost 2000 downloads, it becomes one of the most popular Total War Three Kingdoms Mods. The main purpose of this mod is to add more realism in-game. For example, sometimes it required more strong arrows to kill a unit compared to the original game. Consider this mod as an improvement of the original game because you may be able to kill any unit with just one single shot in-game. But killing anyone with a single shot is not realistic sometimes only of it hist on sensitive parts of the body. But the game is not limited to it, there are many other changes too to improve the overall gameplay.


3- Legend of Samkok

Really cool which focuses on adding new warlords to the game. There are some other changes in-game but its all about adding some powerful Lords for every faction. As per modder, some of the Factions or nations in-game lack of powerful lords or leaders in-game. Legend of Samkok is created for just purpose to make the game balanced by adding new fresh warlords & improve levels of old ones.


4- Unify After Long Divide

The main purpose of Unify After Long Divide is to completely change the game from start to end & almost every aspect. They try to make games more balanced after learning from mistakes from the original game. We consider it one of the best Mods for the Total Wat Three Kingdom because it updated everything on a higher improved level. Modders of this Unify After Long Divide mod tested a lot of other mods & get all ideas from different most popular mods. In simple words, you can consider this mod best in the world of modding for the Three Kingdom because of its combination of some popular mods in our list.


5- Dynasty Warriors 9

More than 90+ Dynasty Warrior are added in-game using this mod & also a lot of other changes too. All of these warriors which are added in-game received titles & complete perfect updates to adjust for Total war games. Consider this mod as Hero mod for the Total war game because a lot of heroes for every single faction are added. Because of huge changes, this mod is not compatible with any other mod with changes to the original game. All you have to do it install it with the original game to play.


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6- Generals Can Recruit Any Unit

The main focus of this mod is Units, no more level required to recruit any unit anymore. If you have a general for any faction, he can recruit almost all kinds of units for that faction. It’s a unique concept which you can never see anywhere else. In the original game, players can only start with some simple units, upgrade to level & get more powerful units. But in “Generals Can Recruit Any Unit”, generals are able to start with all kinds of units from start to enjoy on another level.


7- Heroes Of China

Total conversion mod for the Three Kingdom which focuses on China & their heroes. It’s specially created for those players who want to play a new game. Most of the mods are created on the base of only a few changes like adding new units, building, maps, and others. But Heroes Of China is different from all those mods where you can easily find hundreds of mini changes &lot of Chinese heroes.


8- Faction Wide Buffs

Very simple mod which just adds buffs only in this game. They update every faction in-game with some changes. Moral increasing for some units, infinite ammo, food supply, production, increase, and some other minor changes. This mod is not for you if looking for some huge changes like other mods or total conversions. Some important points are increased for getting captured by enemies or avoid them.


9- Super Defenders of Earth

The name of this mod is weird and it looks like some kind of fantasy type mod like lord of the ring to defend earth but they just increase the number of units in this game. The main purpose of this mod is to focus on large wars. Super Defenders of Earth is not an ideal mod for all players but those who want huge wars with a lot of units & crazy fun may love it.


10- No more Flags

Most of the mods created for the Total War Three Kingdom are very small like No More Flags. But you can find hundreds of different large mods for all games in series. Looks like players are not showing much of interest creating a mod for the Three Kingdom. In this mod, they just remove all flags. Most players may not like it because it’s very simple compared to any other mod. More than 440 players already download this mod which shows players really like it.


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11- Better Camera Mod

Another very simple mod that allows users to look at the game from different angles. Best for those who want to record games, take screenshots, and observe some tournament matches. But there are no other changes anywhere else. We just add it to our list because there are a lot of benefits for tournament players and others who want to record games for YouTube or show others.


12- Unlimited Buildings

A simple mod to allow players to build any building in all over the map. This mod becomes popular with over 2800 downloads already which shows how much everyone loves it. There are no other changes in-game, those who hate restrictions of the original game when building in-game, its best for them. This type of mods is easy to use with different other mods because their effect on the overall game is almost nothing.


13- No Corruption

Very small mod with over 2000 downloads just disable the popular feature in-game known as Corruption. You can read the full article about Corruption in Total War games & understand how much complex a system is created for it. Some players may not be able to understand it properly, can enjoy this mod without this feature.


14- Prime Minister for All Rank

As you can understand from the name of this mod, they include prime minister for every faction now. To make every faction unique and different from others, some special features are always added in every game. For example, sometimes they add unique units in one faction & similar units with different abilities for others. But this mod allows users to play Prime Minister for every faction now which is different from the original game.


15- Extra Life For Generals

Generals are always a very important part of the game and every faction receives a few of them for every game. One extra life is given for all of these generals when using this mod. You can understand that it will change everything. Killing a general is already not easy but if you give them extra life, it can lead to more complex wars with each other.


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16- More Skill Points

In the Total War Three Kingdom, some fix points are given to everyone after their level is up which includes all mods too. With the help of More Skill Points, every unit receives a high ranking because of different levels of increase in skill points. This mod is downloaded over 1600 times which shows players really like this kind of change in-game for some fun.


17- Mounted Duel Only

Very simple changes to the original game where all duel fights are only on the back of the horse now by ignoring all other methods. It’s a very simple change but a lot for some players. As we said before most of the mods created for the Total War Three Kingdom are very simple and easy that there is no effect of them of the original game at all.


18- Reveal Map

The main concept of this mod allows users to see the whole map after upgrading the commander unit to some levels. More than 1700 players already download it, which means a lot of players want this kind of ability to see the whole map.


19- Buildings don’t Cost Resources

Every building required some resources in Total War games. The main concept of this very simple mod is to allow users to build anything without cost. You can understand how much this mod can become popular if developers work on it properly. It looks like they are not working so hard & only the basic version is released yet.


20- Unlimited Armies

Very simple to understand the purpose of this mo from its name. Now player & AI enemies are able to create any number of armies which means more large wars in-game. Similar to most mods in our list, it’s also a very simple mod that may work with all other mods. In our opinion, different developers must work together to create a package for all these small changes for this game.


Top Post on the Same Topic

A huge list of mods created for these games is added on Fandom Post with complete details. There are hundreds of mods already created but only the best out of too many mods are chosen by them. We suggest our users explore their site if looking for more different mods. Our list includes only 20 mods because we believe in quality not quantity & all mods for Total War Three Kingdoms Mods in our list are high-quality Mods.

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Three Kingdoms is a very famous game in the whole series of Total War games and millions of fans really love this game compare to others. All of these mods are chosen mostly based on how much they change the original game & make it better. Adding new units, structures or maps is not the best way to make the original games the most amazing. But updating the original game, gameplay & other improvements in graphics are real changes that can make the original game better and playable.

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