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Kerala can be attributed to numerous factors as a tourist destination: Beautiful tropical climate, Ayurveda and Best Backwater Destinations


Kerala can be attributed to numerous factors as a tourist destination: a beautiful tropical climate, Ayurveda, fauna, fortifications, forts, and the waters. They present a stunning photo, flanked by palm trees with a reflection on clear waters.

On a houseboat, however, known as “kettuvallam,” the best way to explore backwaters is by They traditionally transport you to a State’s otherwise inaccessible hinterlands for the transport of rice, spices, and passengers. The paddles’ rhythmic sound interrupts the complete silence throughout the night when the world is bathed in blue. The sweetness of these moments is long overdue. You skipped a tremendous experience if you didn’t visit the Kerala Backwaters. This blog helps you to know the best places you can visit in Kerala.

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Kumarakom Backwaters

Kumarakom, a small village on Lake Vembanad, is an area of the Kuttanad district. It is a cluster of small islands. Migratory birds frequent the bird sanctuary, which stretches over 14 acres of land and makes it the ideal refuge for bird lovers and ornithologists. Egrets, Darters, Herons, Teals, Waterfowls, Cuckoo, Wild Duck, and migratory birds such as Siberian Stork are among the birds seen on this lake.

It is also one of Kerala’s most scenic backwater destinations. Locals can enjoy fishing and boat tours. The boat trips are all around the islands and give a beautiful view of the cocoa palm trees and birds. More about the backwaters of Kumarakom

Alleppey Backwaters

One of the most popular Kerala backwater destinations in Alleppey Backwaters. An enchanting houseboat ride on these backwaters. Today’s houseboats are a revamped version of the “Kettuvallams,” which existed in ancient times. The backwaters of Kochi and Kumarakom are situated about 62 km south of Kochi.

Kozhikode Backwaters

Kozhikode Backwaters are also known as the first European Vasco Da Gama to arrive here in 1948. Here the virgin backwaters keep tourists alive with memories. The best way to explore the backwaters’ beauty is to take a trip on the Kozhikode Houseboats. The houseboats are massive, but they travel with great pleasure. I can observe some beautiful countryside around the River Kallai and canals. Explore Kozhikode’s best vacation packages

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Kasargod Backwaters

There are many backwater destinations in Kerala, each offering a unique experience. When exploring the Kasargod Backwaters, you know that you are in for an exciting experience with Kerala Backwaters Houseboat Tour. A cruise in the backwater takes you through lush scenery in which four small islands, covered with the streams of rivers, join the backwater. The best part is that they are still safe from the visitors’ prying eyes, offering total loneliness and quiet.

Backwater stretch of Ashtamudi

The Ashtamudi backwater is thought to be the second deepest humidity ecosystem. When entering these stretches of a backwater, coconut trees and palm trees in the villages welcome you. A variety of authors and artists have inspired the Ashtamudi Lake, which is also the entrance to Kerala’s waters. The Chinese Fishing Nets, also called “cheena vala,” seemed consumed by constant meditation. One of the most familiar sights here.

Kochi Backwaters

There are many attractions in Kochi, but the backwaters are prominent among them. A journey through this lovely backwater lets you discover numerous attractions, including the many islands spread around this place and the dense greenery on its banks. The sights of the Chinese fishing network welcome your eyes on a backwater cruise here. On the way, you can also see the container ships and passage ships passing by. This is an entirely unforgettable experience.

Trivandrum Backwaters

It must be Trivandrum when it comes to Kerala’s best backwater destination. The waters of heaven are closely related to the network of canals, lagoons, lakes, and vegetarian tropical woodland. Vembanad Lake, approximately 200 sq., is the biggest water back. Area km. Km. On the route to Kovalam, a stretch of perfect peace, you can experience the most popular backwater cruise. On the other backwater path to Kovalam, the two rivers – Killi and Karamana, are also popular for their canoeing trips.

Kavvayi Backwater at Payyanur

The Kavvayi Kayal has its own unique attractions as yet another backwater stretch. All here is about finding your happiness. Kavvayi rivers and their tendencies are also known as Kavvayi backwaters, Kankol, Vannathitchal, Kuppithodu und Kuningan. You will find an interesting sight on half a doze of the small and large islands while enjoying a houseboat cruise on these waterways.

Kuttanad Backwaters

You’re more fascinated by a trip through the backwaters of Kuttanad. From Kodimatha boat jetty in the district of Kottayam, the journey from Kottayam to Alappuzha begins via the Kuttanad rivers. Palm is the first stop along the cruise, where you can find Munroe Light House. This area is also known as the Kerala Rice Bowl, and one witness on a cruise is rice fields and unusual farming at 10ft below sea level.

Kollam Backwaters

Kollam, also known as Quilon, is located 70 km away from Thiruvananthapuram, it’s capital. This is an old port city of Kerala and is known for its backwaters gateway. A trip on the backwaters lets you see the numerous migratory birds on its banks or local people doing their daily business. Furthermore, on the houseboat, you can see a flock of ducks and floating water lilies—more about Backwaters Kollam.

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