7 of Europe’s Best Budget Destinations in 2021 – Unique Travel Guide for Europe

Just head farther east to sun-drenched, new construction untouched beaches. Read about amazing cheap Europe Best Budget Destinations.

The Albanian coast

Looking for sun and sand on the Mediterranean, but you don’t really have a budget for Capri or the Costa de Azur? Just head farther east to sun-drenched, new construction untouched beaches. Tourist hordes are still visiting Albania. One of the cheapest countries in Europe. The steep grey mountains of its southern Ionian coast form azure seas and golden sands. It’s a good idea to also be another best country in the world, the USA, and also the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Nearly at a touching distance from Corfu is a convenient entry point to Ksamil Beaches from Greece and the surrounding islands. The best recipes for classic European holidays are cheap seafood, warm seas, and a smattering of isolated Greek ruins and Ottoman cities.

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

While the scars of Sarajevo’s experience as a city under siege continue to become visible – in the remains of a mortar shell, full of the red resin forming ‘Sarajevo Roses,’ and in the museums that record Sniper Alley’s terror – today the city is full of life. If some of the major historical places you don’t want to skip, book ahead, and enter a guided tour.

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One of Europe’s most friendly capitals, Baščaršija’s Central District, is a pleasure to stroll through, wander through the Ottoman bazaar, or settle on a Bosnian coffee. Simultaneously, the atmosphere is funky and cool, with a secluded drink and an ever-changing club scene.

Bansko, Bulgaria

It can be a challenge to reach the pistes without upsetting the bank – not least, as some of the most expensive Alpine resorts in Europe are situated. Eastern Europe, however, has some interesting ski destinations such as Bulgaria’s Bansko in the Pirin.

A scenic – but very slow-gagged railway takes you to the country’s largest ski resort with its nice beginners and middle routes. Beyond tourism, the town itself has tremendous charm, with its cobbled alleys concealed by numerous traditional ancient pubs.

Czechia (Czech Republic)

Although Prague has always been a popular destination, you can still find the Czech Republic (Czech Republic), the dirt-cheap city break destination it was once. Pilsner is rightly known for making some of the finest beers at very reasonable prices.

Prague has traditional beer houses and monastery taverns for watering trousers through to the modern wave of a microbrewery. Continue the Czech beer trail with a visit to the Pilsner Brewery Urquell in Plzeń before reaching a pint without the tourists at the least known places in the region, including charming Olomouc. You can change your experience if you are going to Prague, so make the right start with our guide to the best places to stay in town.

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Estonia’s Baltic coast

Well-known for Tallinn’s famous city break, tiny and lovely Estonia also has wild swathes, stunning coastlines, a scattering of islands, and forested national parks along its long Baltic coastline. An hour from Tallinn, Lahemaa National Park is 725 kilometers by bike. The best place to explore. Can cycle the coastal trails, the rough coves, windy sands, and fishing villages explored. On a farm, you can also sleep in hay bales.

Go further west, and there are wonderful beaches in the Summer resort of Pärnu, while Saaremaa Island offers pine forest countryside with soft tapestries and highly accessible wellness areas.

Leipzig, Germany

Berlin is an exception – a consequence of the former dividing line, which means east Germany is considerably less expensive than west cities such as Frankfurt and Munich, where the cost of living is below the national average. But as prices in gentrifying Berlin are increasingly increasing, other eastern towns, like Leipzig, can also be found.

The city, which launched the protests in 1989, leading to the country’s reunification, has been fierce and independent for a long time. It has also become renowned for its prosperous artist enclaves and unparalleled nightlife in the past couple of years. Its cultural scene is continuously flowing, with its ancient industrial buildings, as the Spinnerei cotton mill, transformed into modern spaces.


London, England

London and the budget are not usually terms that go hand in hand. But now, as the pound hits record lows, it’s a good time to visit. But it’s not just a matter of currency – London has more free attractions of world-class than any other European city. The British Museum houses enough treasures for the most interested history hunters; the massive Tate modern with breathtaking views from its terrace and constantly evolving art collections; the Museum of Natural History with its spectacular dinosaurs; and the exquisite Museum of Victoria and Albert – always free of charge.

And don’t ignore the open spaces: spend a day sweeping through Hampstead Heath, strolling along with the South Bank, or visiting the East End markets, a sense of city life rather than an overpriced attraction in a queue. Choose the famous street food markets, and your budget will stretch even further – it could even leave you to a pint at an extravagant price. Hope you love reading “Europe Budget Destinations”

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