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A Succesful and effective Law Firm Marketing Plan for Lawyers

Traditionally lawyers have never marketed themselves and fail. Read about A Succesful Law Firm Marketing Plan for Lawyers that can help.


Traditionally lawyers have never marketed themselves. The most they did was to network and depended on referrals to get new clients. But things have changed considerably over the years, and there is a cut-throat competition. Now, they have to market themselves to survive in this highly competitive profession actively. In this article, we will discuss how to implement a successful law firm marketing plan. This includes the best marketing strategies for lawyers and how to draw maximum traffic to your website.

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Building a Brand

Building a brand is the most critical aspect of a successful marketing plan. Your marketing strategy should revolve around the image you want to project and the message you want to send to the public. You should clearly define your USP-what makes your law firm different from others. What you do better than others and why one should hire you. Understand the prospective clients’ needs and objectives and clearly state your message on all the marketing channels, such as your website, social media platforms, professional networks, physical channels, etc.

Demonstrate Credibility & Authority

A good marketing strategy for law firms should also be focused on building credibility and authority. Whatever channel you choose to market yourself, be it online or offline, always include authentic things about yourself, such as the awards you have received, positive reviews from previous clients, case studies to showcase your expertise in your area of practice, etc.

Demonstrate Expertise in your Practice Area

Communicating your expertise in your practice area is another important part of the branding exercise. Reviews and client testimonials help but never hesitate to tell your target audience the range of services you offer. A law firm should always specify the number of attorneys they have what their area of expertise is, along with their experience in a particular field. There shouldn’t be any doubt in the prospective clients’ minds about the capabilities of the attorneys. Sharing success stories is an important aspect of marketing for law firms.

Search Engine Optimization

Running an SEO campaign is indispensable for any business, not only law firms, to rank higher in search results and increase visibility. Research has shown that less than 25% of people go beyond the first page when searching, and therefore, you need to rank high in SERPs to get clicks. SEO helps law firms get organic traffic. For instance, a law firm witnessed a five-fold increase in organic traffic after engaging in an SEO campaign.

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SEO for law firms should consider certain aspects, such as proper keyword research, compelling titles and descriptions, image optimization, and a fast loading website. These help keep the visitor on your site for a more extended period, thereby reducing the bounce rate. Good relevant content is of utmost importance. And above all, your website needs to be responsive so that it looks and performs perfectly on mobile devices; otherwise, it might be penalized, adversely affecting your rankings. Law firms that cater to local clients should concentrate on local SEO by including local area-specific keywords and registering with Google My Business.

Google Adwords Campaign

Paid advertising is another option that should be included in marketing plans for lawyers. As you might have noticed, almost 90% of the above fold space is covered with advertisements. Running a well-optimized Adwords campaign can yield excellent results in a large volume of qualified traffic to your website. However, it would help if you were careful not to use more generic keywords rather long-tailed keywords specific to your practice area and specialization should be used. It is important to pay attention to it while you plan marketing for lawyers.

Landing Pages

Like any other business, landing pages should be given due importance in every marketing plan for lawyers. Landing pages are where the more qualified leads land up by following links from other sites. The pages should be meticulously written, concise, and specific, and should inspire confidence among the prospective clients. Such traffic has a higher chance of a conversion.

Presence in Legal Directories

Presence in legal directories boosts your chances of getting more client inquiries, whether online or offline. Being featured in the leading online directories can increase traffic through hyperlinks for your website. Some guides provide free listing while others are paid ones. It also improves your SEO.

Video Marketing

It is fast gaining in popularity these days. Including video on your website boosts your chances of getting a place on the first Google search page. Provide a view of your law firm, introduce your attorneys, answer FAQs, client testimonials in their voice, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is fast gaining traction among law firms. They are increasingly leveraging their social media presence to market themselves. Popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter are being used to connect with the target audience.

Mentioned above are some important points that should be included in every law firm marketing plan. Though there are many others, it’s not possible to have all of them in this article.

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Sophia is a marketing expert working at Conroy Creative Counsel- a digital marketing agency for lawyers in the USA. She has a passion for creative and technical writing and always looks to learn something new.

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