List of Good Food for Hair Loss 2022

Eating various types of good food for hair loss can save you a lot of money on medication and treatment. Since nutrition has always been the backbone of health and fitness, your skin and hair often reflect what you put into your body. A balanced diet can completely change the quality of your hair and conveniently, you don’t have to look far in order to find the right types of food that you can incorporate into your diet.

Today, many products claim to be the solution for thinning and hair loss, however, some of them can contain harsh chemicals that can often do more harm than good. Unbeknownst to many, harsh chemicals in some products can drastically disrupt the microbiome and offset the pH levels of the scalp. This can cause dryness, irritation, and even damage to your hair in the long run.

Eating healthy is an easy way to make sure that your body is well taken care of. There are many types of good food for hair loss and knowing which nutrients and vitamins can be beneficial for your crowning glory is the first step to building a proper diet plan. If you want to learn more about what types of nutrients your body needs, then read on as we’ve listed them below.

1. Biotin

Biotin belongs to the group of B vitamins and is highly necessary for the healthy growth of hair and nails. Studies have also found that biotin helps with maintaining the integrity of the skin by improving comedonal acne. Lack of biotin in the body may slow down the growth of hair and nails so taking supplements may aid in preventing hair fall or thinning.

Good Food for Hair Loss: Eggs/Nuts/Legumes/Whole Grains/Organ Meats

2. Vitamin C

Considered an amazing vitamin for repairing body tissues, vitamin C also helps with maintaining the integrity of your hair. Vitamin C also helps with creating collagen which is essential for healthy muscles, skin, and bones. It also helps your body absorb iron properly which is an essential part of the overall structure of your hair.

Good Food for Hair Loss: Citrus Fruits/Tomatoes/Strawberries/Peppers

3. Vitamin A

Our hair is the fastest-growing part of the human body and since vitamin A is necessary for our cells to grow, it can influence the thickness and quality of our hair. Vitamin A also helps in sebum production which is essential in keeping our scalp moisturized. Studies have also shown that a diet lacking in vitamin A can contribute to hair loss and thinning.

Good Food for Hair Loss: Dairy/Liver Oil/Eggs/Leafy Vegetables

4. Vitamin E

A study has shown that participants taking Vitamin E supplements for 8 months were able to increase their hair growth by almost 35%. Vitamin E can also improve immune functions and promote beautiful skin. Vitamin E can also protect the cells from getting damaged and serve as a great antioxidant.

Good Food for Hair Loss:  Pumpkin/Almonds/Collard Greens/Sunflower Seeds

5. Iron

Good blood circulation can promote the healthy growth of hair. Iron promotes healthy blood circulation by helping maintain the proper amount of oxygen to your red blood cells. Lack of iron in the blood may cause problems like anemia which can also lead to hair loss.

Good Food for Hair Loss: Spinach/Lentils/Eggs/Oysters/Clams

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