Where to Look Online for Marijuana Seeds and Some Tips for Starting Your First Plant

When someone decides to grow marijuana, they need to make sure they purchase the highest-quality seeds available. Knowing how to choose seeds and how to grow the first plant will help new growers get started on the process so they can be successful at producing bountiful buds. 

Learn About Feminized Seeds

If a person decides to grow cannabis, they need to know what type of seeds to grow. When looking online for marijuana seeds, growers need to know there are both male and female seeds. Many growers decide to purchase feminized seeds because they only produce female plants.

By removing the chance of producing males, growers can rest assured none of their plants will be fertilized. A fertilized plant will not produce buds and will go to seed, ruining the crop. A single male plant can ruin all the females in a grow room. 

Choosing the right feminized cannabis strains is important for the best growth. The following are some of the top feminized cannabis strains.

  • OG Kush
  • Afghan
  • Haze
  • Cheese
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Gelato

What About Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

When delving into growing cannabis, individuals need to learn as much as possible about their options. Autoflowering seeds are highly popular among new growers. Because growers do not have to worry about light cycles, these plants are considered much easier to manage. 

The vast majority of cannabis plants only flower once they receive a specific amount of light. During the flowering stage, the light needs are reduced. Once a grower reduces the light their plants are exposed to, the cannabis will start to flower. 

Instead of being worried about specific light periods, individuals can grow autoflowering varieties. This kind of marijuana was developed in northern regions where extreme weather leads to very little sunlight. Autoflowering cannabis begins to flower at a specific age rather than when the light level changes. 

How to Get Started on Growing Cannabis

Once a person has purchased the seeds, they need to know the steps involved in the growing process. It is important to note that the entire process, from start to finish, takes around four to eight months, depending on the strain. By taking the following steps, individuals can enjoy a high yield of marijuana. 

  • Germination is the first step in the process. Sprouting the seeds correctly helps them grow more effectively. Individuals will need to sprout their marijuana seeds between two moist paper towels. The sprouting process will take a couple of days. 
  • Once the seeds have sprouted, the grower can plant them in small pots. It will take a couple of weeks before the plants need to be transplanted to their final home. Ideally, growers should raise their marijuana plants in fabric pots so the plants will get plenty of air circulation. 
  • The plants will go through their different stages of growth, finally leading up to the awaited harvest. After harvesting their plants, growers will need to dry and cure the buds before enjoying them. 

Get Started Today

Those who have decided to grow cannabis at home need to take time to research as much as possible so they will be prepared to properly grow their cannabis plants. Starting with the very best seed will help ensure the end product is of high quality. Find the perfect seeds today to get started. 

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