Marketing Spending Optimization (Maximize Your Businesses’ ROI)


Since the advent of the e-commerce era, offline merchants have seen a sharp decline in sales. A huge chunk of millenial consumers, who are drawn to the marketing strategies used by e-commerce platforms. In such a situation, the marketing ROI investment becomes a major issue to resolve for offline merchants. As merchants, you can use our purchase tools that run on payment terminals. This guarantees greater customer recall and increased customer conversion for your offline businesses.

What is Marketing Optimization?

The optimization of your marketing strategy to ensure the best results for a business is called marketing optimization. When a merchant makes strategic decisions on how much they spend on several marketing verticals of their business, it is known as marketing spend optimization. 

What is Business ROI?

Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the most crucial indicators of the success of any business. It is the yardstick metric for calculating the profitability of your business. 

Marketing ROI is one of the essential financial indicators for revealing whether your marketing is successful or not. Marketing ROI also justifies marketing costs and budget allocation for ongoing and future strategies.

How to maximize your marketing ROI?

ROI of marketing activities can be maximized by using collaborative commerce tools like Innoviti genie. Like the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) program, B2B collaborative tools reduce marketing costs. Innoviti’s payment solution helps in uplifting offline businesses. On partnering with Innoviti, your business stands the chance of showing up on over 110 bank partner websites. On top of this, an extra Rs 999 instant cashback is also available for customers on every purchase. 

Innoviti Technologies helps increase the ROI of merchants losing customers to e-commerce players. Login to Innoviti’s website to know more about their products and services.


1. How to reduce marketing costs?

  • Cut down expenses on marketing channels. 
  • Improve customer experience by introducing loyalty programs. This will increase your word-of-mouth marketing.

2. How do you optimize marketing ROI?

  • Plan your budget. Make efficient budget allocation
  • Avail of B2B commerce tools, POS systems, etc. 
  • Use data analytics in marketing to identify current market trends. 

3. What is the connection between ROI and optimization?

Optimization is directly proportional to ROI. It helps in reducing marketing costs which in turn increases marketing ROI.

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