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Making These Mistakes Can Drop Your Website Traffic – Complete SEO Guide

Seeing a drop in your website traffic is something no one ever wants to see but Read about mistakes that can drop your traffic fast.


Seeing a drop in your website traffic is something no one ever wants to see. But it is inevitable as nothing remains constant, and up and down is part and parcel of running a website. But a sudden drop in the website traffic is surely a cause for concern, and it can get you extremely worried.

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However, you should not panic and do things without thinking it through. For instance, if you made some new changes to your website and see a dip in your traffic, that is no reason to change it back to what it was before—the reason for the dip may be something else than this. Also, never decide without combing through your website with a fine comb to look for any reason to dip in the website traffic. The reason can be technical or a holiday or a festival that is rendering people away from your website.

Without finding the reason, you cannot work on solutions that can increase your traffic. There are always right and wrong ways to increase it, and you do not want to use the wrong method because that always causes severe issues in the long run.

Let us discuss a few mistakes you make, leading to a dip in your website traffic.

Mistake 1: Using social media to only boost sales

Sure, you are using a social media platform to boost your sales. But if you only upload content that is selling something or is repetitive, they will stop working. People are connecting with you on your social media to see your humane side, see how your business works, and how you interact with your customers? They do not continuously want to see a message telling them to buy something.

So, make sure you also provide them with content that offers them value and a sneak-peak into your business’s functioning.

Mistake 2: Not using quality and original images or optimizing it

Visuals are necessary for your website to succeed and get high traffic. The images can bring traffic to your website too, and you can use them on social media to encourage people to check your website. But it would not work if you use unedited or stock images or copied from other sites.

You need to edit your images using Canva. And make sure you always use original visuals, whether it is video or gifs, or images. Lastly, do not forget to add meta description and alt tag to your images because SEO is becoming necessary. Google indexes them too, and if you optimize your images, you can get traffic through it.

Mistake 3: Using the wrong keywords

The traffic to your website will dip if you are not using the right keywords. The process is simple- to look for words or phrases that people use to find the content you publish or sell. But the intent and motivation behind that search can be different.

So, you must interpret the keyword and their intent behind them correctly.

Mistake 4: Not providing valuable content

Maybe the content that you are offering doesn’t have that much value. The competitor’s content is well-researched, well written, and offers more value to the customers. So, make sure you keep an eye on your competitors and try your best to provide original and valuable content.

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Mistake 5: Engaging with trolls

Often, you engage with trolls without realizing it, and it leads to tons of damage to your site. It can lead to a dip in traffic, negative press, and more. So, the only thing that you can do is to stop feeding the troll. Once you realize that the conversation is going south and it’s a troll, stop it right there and then.

Reasons why your website traffic may dip

Apart from these mistakes, sometimes other things can also lead to a dip in traffic, like

  • You might have a manual penalty from Google leading to a decrease in traffic. Sometimes, the penalty may not be transparent, so first, always look for one before you jump the gun.
  • Changes in Google’s algorithm can also lead to a dip in traffic.
  • A slow-loading website can also lead to decreased traffic.


Now that you know the mistakes that can cost your website its traffic, be sure to create strategies around it. Also, keep learning and experimenting as that is the best way to have a successful website.

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