Custom Website Design: How you Can Design your website?

Complete step by step guide to explain everything about how to Custom Design your website. Really helpful for beginners in the field.


Having a website is an easy way to connect with potential customers if you are repeated organization and it is also one way to do business. If you want to create a website for yourself using correct tools and resources. Don’t spend money with freelancers, agencies or website builders. All you need is free time to complete the website.

Things Need to Build a Website

To build a website you need three main things there are:

Make sure if you have done all the three in the above list you build a website platform that is being used 35 % of the entire website on the internet.  

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Choose a Domain Name

To build a website first you need a domain name. The domain name and address name used by customers to find your website. Domain name cost will be $10 to $50 per year.

Here there are few tips to choose a domain name:

  • If you build a domain for a company your domain name should be the company name
  • If you build for personal use your domain name should be your name
  • Use domain name extension such as .com, .net , .in, .org etc..

Get Web Hosting and Register Domain

If  you have a domain name you also need to do website hosting, if you didn’t host your website your site will not be visible for others to read and browse in the internet

While hosting make sure it has the following features:

  • Free domain name with SSL
  • WordPress install for free
  • Custom email accounts
  • Unlimited or unmetered bandwidth
  • Customer support, preferably  24/7 live chat

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 Set Up WordPress Website (Through Web Host)

After completed domain name and web hosting ready you need to install a website building platform

Here some of the step by step process given below

  • Install WordPress website on Bluehost
  • Test your website by typing your domain address
  • Verify SSL/HTTPS Settings

Customize Your Website Design and Structure

After completing website settings now create own design, customizing it and adding branding elements

Simple steps to follow

  • Choose a template
  • Install the theme you like
  • Import a design
  • Add a Logo
  • Change the website colour scheme and fonts
  • Change fonts work similarly
  • Add a Sidebar
  • Add Widgets
  • Experiment with the theme you built

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Add Content/Pages to Your Website

A web page is just a document on the web, it’s is an easy way to traditional word document.

Here some tips most of the website following pages essential:

  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Blog Page
  • Services Page
  • Purchase Page

Set Up a Navigation Menu

To create good looking pages is to set up your navigation create a menu option given some tips to create menu option below

  • Adding title
  • Select the Page to add menu
  • Click Add to Menu button and select the page
  • Drag and drop the menu button
  • Select the display location
  • Save your menu

Add an Online Store/eCommerce

Finally, now we will build an online store by ourselves, here some tips to open eCommerce website given below

  • Get a domain name and web hosting
  • Install WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Add your product or services
  • Select a theme for your online store
  • Design your e-commerce website user friendly


You may think this guide links will help to build your website. You have to try and do follow all the about rules to create a website. Make sure your website stand out of crowd. custom web design

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