Most Popular QR Code Generators in the Market

What the general public does not know is that QR codes were first seen almost 3 decades ago! This might be hard to believe since it feels like they only started getting popular just recently, especially during the pandemic era. However, they have been around since 1994 and were developed by a Japanese corporation – Denso Wave – to keep track of their automobile parts. 

While the tracking application of QR codes is incredibly worthwhile today, it is used for many more purposes. A few of these have been discussed here, but in this article, we will briefly go over a few of the most popular QR code generators in the market. 

We have chosen these QR code generators to be on this list by reviewing the total number of visits on their site according to SimilarWeb. We will review these QR code generators for you and mention some of their unique features, so you can choose the best one for yourself.

  1. QRCodeChimp – The Top Free & Multi-Functional QR Code Generator

Monthly Site Visits: 766.8k


FREEIntuitive and easy-to-use10 Dynamic QR Codes (Free)Static QR Codes60+ shapes150+ Stickers3D EffectsAdd ImagesAdd LogoAnalytics: Total Scan CountsAnd Much MorePAIDTimeline Analysis (hours/days)Geo Analysis (Scanned Locations)Device AnalysisBulk QR Code Generator (make bulk QR codes with a single excel file)Unlimited Scans

QRCodeChimp is THE QR Code Generator when you need the most functionalities from a free QR code maker. The QR code generator is incredibly easy to use, and you can make your QR code within a couple of minutes, even if it’s your first time ever designing a QR code. 

What we particularly love about QRCodeChimp is that you can make absolutely free dynamic QR codes – which means you can edit your QR codes to lead to new websites or information, even after they have been printed, deployed, or distributed. This is the one feature that’s missing in many QR code generators. 

With the paid version, you can view advanced analytics, which you can also view in the form of comprehendible graphs. These analytics will help you identify trends, so you can add rocket fuel to the conversion engine of your marketing strategies!

[Bonus] Canva – Everything You Need For Graphic Designing

Monthly Site Visits: 352.3M


FREEEverything Related To Graphic DesigningImage editingVideo editingQR CodesWhiteboardsPresentationsInstagram postsPostersLogosFlyersBanner ResumeBusiness cardsPAIDSome Specialist Designs – you can still view these designs and draw inspirations

Canva is one of our favorites for any design needs. A lot of the designs in any category are already available on this website. You can choose and edit any of the free designs with your information or make your own designs online without having to download professional software.

Canva is included as a bonus on this list because you can create a QR code with Canva. However, most of its functionalities would be missing. This is because QR code generation isn’t the primary product of this website.

Scanova – API Access

Monthly Site Visits: 233.9k


FREE14-Day Free TrialWebsite URL DocumentImageCouponAudioAnd MorePAIDQR Code APIDynamic QR CodesAnalytics

Scanova offers one of the most comprehensive features for QR code generation. While it does offer a lot of functionalities of some of the other generators, what we love about Scanova is that you can put a semi-transparent QR code on top of a background image. It supposedly works just as well as an opaque QR code. You can also make high-resolution vectors of codes and print high-quality QR codes.

However, you do need an account to download your designed QR code. And after your free 14-day trial, you will have to purchase a paid plan. 

What we particularly love about Scanova is that they offer you an API version of their QR code maker. You can use the API in your own program and design your own QR code generator according to the required functionality.

QR Code Generator – Free For One Time Project Only

Monthly Site Visits: 6.1M


FREE14-Day Free TrialQR Code CustomizationBitcoin QR CodeStatic QR CodesPAIDAdd LogoAdd More ColorsAdd FramesDynamic QR CodesAnalytics

QR Code Generator offers everything that a QR code maker should have. However, these features are only available in paid plans. You can, however, design and use a QR code if it’s for a one-time project only. 

The paid plans start at a very nominal price, and they seem to be placed to prevent misuse. You can make your QR code designs and get familiar with the website features by making a free account for a 14-day trial.

The QR Code Generator – Simple, Fast, And No Paid Plans

Monthly Site Visits: 2.5M


FREEBasic Solution & Gets The Job DoneBlack And White QR CodeMultiple QR Code Types Including URL, Text, vCard, SMS, Information, Etc. PAIDNone

The QR Code Generator is another one of the popular QR code makers out there, thanks to the smart naming and domain ownership (just kidding). If you want to create a QR code, fast and simple, it will get the job done. 

You can access dynamic QR codes once you sign up, but there aren’t too many functionalities for you. So far, the website hasn’t rolled out special plans for people who sign up. Perhaps they are still in the MVP (minimum viable product) stage, and more is yet to come.

Beaconstac QR Code – Suitable For small Businesses

Monthly Site Visits: 558.3k


FREEDemo, One-Time Use Dynamic QR CodePAIDMultilingual SupportGoogle Analytics IntegrationSSO LoginAge-Gated RedirectsPassword Protection Custom Domains

Beaconstac is another one of the most popular QR code generators. It enjoys such popularity, particularly because of its multilingual support. Hence, it has a very far and wide reach. 

It offers too many features that a single individual rarely needs, which is why it is more suitable for small brands and businesses. The age-gated redirects, for example, work best to target different audiences as a part of marketing strategy. 

You will, however, need to purchase a monthly plan to get started. The good news is it starts at only $5 and offers a bang-for-the-buck 25,000 scans. 

Final Thoughts

Almost all of the most popular QR code generators in the market need some form of payment to get started. All, except one – QRCodeChimp. 

QRCodeChimp offers QR code solutions for everyone, including new beginners to professionals, an individual to big businesses, one-off use to multiple reuses, and much more. Most of these features are already included in the free version! 

So, visit all of the QR code generators mentioned in this list, or more that are available in the market, and decide for yourself. 


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