Need a Logo? Try These Free Logo Creators to Make a logo

A logo creator is an advanced approach to getting a perfect logo for your business. There are a lot of free tools that require nominal investments to offer the most creative logo style. But, before making your final decision to use a tool because it’s free of cost, let’s explore all the options we have in hand. 

All these below mentioned are great for the startup or for the company in the bootstrapping process, that can’t make big investments. No need to worry as we have a lot of cheap or free logo makers with handy processes. Without further ado, let’s move ahead and see some of the worthy logo maker tools of 2022: 

1. Designhill

Designhill is one of the leading choices when it comes to suggesting the most creative and DIY logo creator tools. You can choose from the 5 sample types and customize the color, font, and industry accordingly. Choose the five icons to be used in the logo for the right design. All you need to do is to create an account and purchase the desired one from the final logos. 

The logo creator tool has a plethora of typefaces and color schemes to choose from. Designhill is an expert logo maker that can pair the typography with the right set of colors. You do not need to input a lot of effort into making the final design.  

2.  Logo Makr

Logo Makr is a DIY logo creator tool allowing a wide range of icons libraries to choose from. Make the best use of shapes, font, color to build your logo customization with a handy graphics editor. You might face certain minor concerns if using the first time, but there is a detailed video tutorial for quick assistance. 

When it comes to the customization ability of the logo design, Logo Makr can be the perfect tool for you. With high-quality potential and low price, this tool has got the most extensive library to get a variety of options. 

3. Looka

It is an AI-driven logo creator tool that runs through your business details before actually generating logos for you. Looka allows you to pick 5+ choices from 20+ examples and ask you to customize them using the color palette and icons. The tool is amazing and would bring some of the quality logo choices like magic. 

The logo design results from Looka are highly professional as compared to any other option. Choose this for your business-tailored logo style that can enhance your branding to another level. 

4. Brandmark

The logo creator tool requires some of the keywords to offer you the most interesting samples to choose from. You can choose from the auto-generated logo options or go ahead to create one of your choices. 

The process is much simpler and the results of logo design are worth your time and money. The automated tool itself suggests some of the great choices. You can play around with icons and shapes to match the perfect colors. The only drawback of this tool is that it allows customization only after your purchase. 

5. Tailor Brands

When it comes to describing your business with a potent logo design, tailor brands have an unmatched experience. The tool collects maximum information about your business and provides a customized solution. Add your company name, industry, icons, text, etc, and pick from the available sample designs. It will show various design choices and you can choose the right one to edit colors and fonts. 

The tool even has a lot of really good icons that can be paired with the right fonts and colors. The best part with this logo creator is that it shows helpful suggestions with each change. Get a logo with the right balance of class and design with Tailor Brands. 

6. Namecheap

It is another popular name for a logo creator. The logo creator tool asks you to enter your business name, industry, background, and edit to download files. This logo maker is completely free and doesn’t ask you to pay anything for the logo design.  

However, the logo design doesn’t have any special icons or typefaces to choose from, yet the tool is powerful to suggest some of the best choices. With the right use of gradients and colors in the logo design, you can have an illusion experience. This tool is highly recommended in terms of quality, price features. 

7. Ucraft

Ucraft brings you a blank editor to drag and drop to find the perfect logo design. You can use a lot of shapes, icons, themes, backgrounds to customize the logo design. A chatbot will be always there to guide you for further assistance. 

Ucraft concept is purely on the DIY editor and hence provides maximum flexibility to the users. A lot of typefaces and color options ensure to maintain the right appeal with the final design. 

8. Logaster

Logaster is another useful logo creator tool that comes with the easiest process to design a logo. Just enter the company name and business niche to get the design. Make required changes in colors, fonts, to ensure it matches your brand. When it comes to the ease of logo designing, this tool has hardly got any alternative. However, the style and quality of the logo design are not that impressive. 

The tool has a variety of choices for corporate logos and can even offer multiple layouts. You can use them for all sorts of branding and promotional work. 

9. Canva

Canva is a popular graphic and logo design tool that comes free of cost as well. The DIY canvas interface allows you to design the logo without any hassle. You can try to drag and drop to design an impeccable logo with the use of icons, gradients, shapes, backgrounds, etc. 

Canva has got a lot of customization options and can offer the most worthy logo design with available choices. You can choose from cartoonish designs, but they are not suitable for a lot of businesses. A lot of logo design categories are available for industries like Fashion, Beauty, Food, Band, etc. This logo creator does not support any vector design, however, a pdf file is supported.  

10. Hatchful

This logo creator is powered by Shopify and provides optimized solutions for mobile usage. However, the desktop logo version is also pretty fine with this logo choice. All you need to enter your business name and start exploring a wide range of varieties with logo choices. 

The logo design tool is perfect for the modern-design solution with a touch of a minimalistic approach. You can choose the relevant icon choices to make sure they have the right appeal. You can use this tool for free and start downloading the png file of the customized logo. If you’re looking for some vector logo choice, we recommend you avoid this option. 

Conclusion – 

Which free logo creator is right for you? 

We hope the above guide would have been informative for you in terms of finding the right logo maker for your business. Each one of them comes with specific advantages and features to meet your expectations of quality, process, and cost. If you’re not in the state to make any investments for logo designing, these logo creator online tools are the ideal go-to option. 

Still, we recommend going for the Designhill logo maker and making the nominal investment. You can get a plethora of customization options with configuration control to maintain your brand value with a powerful logo design. 

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