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I listen to the news too much. Otherwise, I’ll miss the next tsunami, the next meteor, the melting ice water, the sunshine that can bind me, the alien evil, or the next terrorist attack promised in the past. Four years. I listen to the news a lot because I don’t want to miss these things.

Since I heard the news, I know a lot about headaches and bulletproof bodies. I know a lot about car bombs and body parts. A few days ago, they found dozens of empty boxes in Iraq. This is not the way to go to war. I wish I didn’t know, but I do. I wonder where the others have gone. I know this because I watch and listen to a lot of news.

I know many good ideas about many things. I used to listen to Limbaugh, but I think he didn’t believe it at all, and O’Reilly is angry, smart, and repressive for my taste, but I know about these people because I listen to the news too much. I’ve heard a few things in the news about their personal lives, and it was great to know they weren’t as honest as I thought. I heard this on the news. As you know, I listen. I listen to Air America. If it ever was, this is a lot of news right now. I like it. They scare me, but I like them. They remind me of the government, this government, and the other news I read about them. They think my thoughts about other news readings are at least normal. At least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

I know a lot about politicians, especially Republicans who love Jesus so much, some of them tend to go to war, and then he can come back. They love it too, but they often seem to be of the wrong gender and gender. Yeah, but honestly I read it in the news. Mrs. Bush recently left the White House because the president is a fool to others. That’s great news. But it doesn’t appear on Fox or AOL, so it’s not news, it’s not news to the public, who knows? Some media for me don’t see this news in the news because they don’t make the news, I think we will be lost. God, the news tells me this president can’t be a real president and a lot of people will vote, as will the right Democratic voters. Now it will cause depression, but to me, it seems right. I hear this is true, twice in the news!

Thanks to the news, I know a lot about CEOs who earn more than anyone else. This means it’s also about to get the craziest time of the year. I keep up with how much congressmen and delegates from the public get, but the CEOs are also very skilled. I see this in the news. Billions of birthday parties, retirees don’t own all the cows in the mountains that God envies. The former CEO does just that! Or you can make one. Everyone laughs because they’re always mad when they get caught, and they’re confused because they’re very innocent, but I play, if no one sees, they get a little mad and get a little more. But at least we’ll get more news later. I read in the news that Enron didn’t give them the power they needed, but how much money they got from California seniors trying to be hot or cold. I forgot. I wrote a little crazy. They went to jail, but I don’t think my best friend, the president, would forgive them, or read anything else in the news when they walked out the door. I read in the news that he could. “We just noticed it then. I don’t think I’ll read it again this time after I leave the office. I once read in the news that people don’t change much in their lives, and they still do.

Why am I doing this myself… Do you know that after reading all the news and comments about the news, you want the people who made the news never to find this news? How many empty boxes do I need to know about people who died in earthquakes at Earthquir or about who I know? Needless to say, I’m afraid if I don’t get the news, I’ll really miss it. I once saw big boys comment on not watching or listening to the news, but that didn’t work. I didn’t know what I was missing. 

Red Note: 3 June 2022

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