Know More About Technical Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

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There is plenty of information on the internet about search engine optimization and how you can do it effectively for your website. You will find that people have varying opinions on search engine optimization (or ‘S.E.O.’) as it is fine art rather than a precise science. The only way to be 100% certain that techniques are working is if your website is reaching the top of the rankings in search engines such as Google.

Who Decides How We Practice Search Engine Optimization?

Although no one person or company decides how search engine optimization works, many people have experienced success with different techniques, and they frequently publish their findings. However, search engine optimization is continually evolving which is why it is vital to not only remain up to date with existing techniques but also trial new techniques which will have a positive effect on a website’s search engine position.

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Frequently, the search engines alter how they rank their search results and change what they see as important factors. At iM3 our passion for search engine optimization means we try to anticipate these algorithmic changes. We are continually testing alternative techniques to ensure your website has reliable search engine optimization in place which won’t be affected when the search engines make changes.

This type of marketing is not a very quick procedure, so we don’t offer set timescales for the top rankings. Any company telling you something else is most likely engaging in unethical practices and ought to be avoided. All of our clients have achieved top positions though, and always in a timescale expected and explained from the start. Ask for contact details, and we can provide past customers who are happy to explain the benefits to their business.

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It may seem strange to imagine working on other websites to achieve better results for your pages, but there is quite a lot of work involved with search engine optimization that takes place away from your main website. By carefully selecting valuable places to leave information, we can increase the importance of your website. There are various important Internet locations for your website to be discussed, explained or promoted via links.

• Code to text ratio

When a website has a series of pictures and not much text, it makes it harder for the search engines to know what the site is about. It also means the page will be large but without much text to inform search engines about the relevance of the content. Having a higher code to text ratio results in smaller web pages compared to the amount of information. It allows large page sizes because there is plenty of written content to back-up the images or multimedia.

• Social networking

The more commonly known sites for posting personal or business-related social updates are the vast array of social networking websites. The famous ones are Twitter and Facebook, but there are hundreds more, and most of them will allow you to discuss your company activity and promote your products or services. Social media services provided by Vino cover every angle.

• Bookmarking

Less popular than social networking sites, bookmarking is still a necessary and valuable part of optimization. People create accounts on bookmarking websites such as Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon and then share their own bookmarked pages with others. Bookmarking website pages gives people the chance to save and access their favourite pages wherever they are. Having your pages marked and tagged by multiple people is the aim as this can help to improve awareness of your website and also increase the number of links back to your website.

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• Blogging

Short for ‘weblog’, a blog is a place to leave information, opinion, help and personal comments. Blogs are varied in subject matter and diverse because they can contain anything. By targeting relevant and strong blogs, we can leave information about your company by posting genuine comments that help other visitors.

• Forums

Usually focusing on one given subject, forums are the right places for the browsing public to find local or national information as well as advice and help. An example could be a local forum where companies or individuals can post replies regarding solutions to problems. Also, local workers and traders can be discussed and rated. Discussing situations in which your business could provide an answer can help to create awareness of your brand, website and the services or products you offer.

• Link building

Exchanging links is purely beneficial for the ranking of a web page on the internet and is not usually seen by website visitors. This method of search engine optimization is heavily practised and should be done with care. We can link your site to other websites that have a similar theme to yours and having a reciprocal link back can improve the potential importance of the pages that these links go to.

• Directory submissions

The top 5% of directories are essential to a well-rounded search engine optimization campaign. We can submit your domain to popular directories like FreeIndex and Dmoz so you can not only benefit from potential free traffic but also receive an all-important backlink. For example, as a London SEO Company, we need to be listed in local directories such as Yell and Dmoz. Hope you love reading “Search Engine Optimisation Techniques”

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