6 Things to Check Before Sending Your Car to the Wrecking Yard

People usually try to repair very old cars, but they end up regretting this decision. Read tips before Sending Your Car to the Wrecking Yard.


If you have an old car in your family which you or your father has been using for years and is now a piece of the damaged, rusty metal body, then the wise decision would be to get in touch with the car wreckers since pushing it for extra miles will cost you a lot of money and trouble and selling it somewhere else won’t bring fruitful results.

People usually try to repair such cars, but they end up regretting this decision since you will face the same issue in few weeks and spending even a single penny on it is similar to taking the same from the money you could get by moving it to the wrecking yard. Moreover, if you are using an old car, it will be pushing extra pressure on the system, and more pollution will be generated, so be generous to the environment and scrap it off. Today we will be talking about the things you need to check on before handing over your vehicle to the scrap yard.

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This is the most primary search you need to take on but make sure it is thorough while you are getting prepared for scrapping it by car wreckers Wellington. Car is like a second home for the owners, and since the car was in your use for plenty of years, it might contain several of your belongings. Make a thorough check in the trunk, glove box, seat pouches so that you don’t misplace anything.


Regardless of the condition of your car, whether it is in a running situation or not, it will always have certain parts which can make you some instant cash, these parts include alternators, start motors, music system, tires if you have recently got new ones and other such parts which you can sell to interested retailers or owners of the same model car looking for the respective car parts.

Other important parts that can make instant cash for you are batteries and fuel. You can sell the batteries in the resale market and take out all the fuel from your vehicle which can be easily used in your other or new car. Choosing certified professionals such as car wreckers Lower Hutt will provide you by doing the same as per the regulations.


Before your junk car completes its journey to the scrapyard, there will be few documentation formalities that you need to complete, and one of them will be proving your ownership of the vehicle. It is possible to sell the car without any title, but not many dealers will be interested in one which doesn’t have any proof. The vehicle registration would be required as well so that in case of any mishappening before the scrapping, such as the vehicle getting steal, then you are free from taking part in the theft investigation. If the car you are scrapping was gifted to you by someone, then also make sure to change the title to your name before selling it.


Both the front and rear license plates are needed to be removed before scrapping the car since these authentic license plates are very important while you are visiting the motor vehicle department for the cancellation of your title and insurance as well. Take them out while you are dealing with car parts, Lower Hutt. We talked about the insurance since cancelling it will provide you with the coverage till the vehicle is scrapped.


You may find various scrapyards in your area; some of them would be good at work while some won’t be as per your expectations. The price offered by them for your junk car will be different in each case and while they all come up with a quote, take your time and choose the best one, also ensure that there are no hidden charges associated with the services they are providing so that you can capitalize on the best benefits. Another thing which you should be looking out for is that they all must be certified with the policies and regulations compiled by the government or the local authority.

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This may sound a bit different to you but while you are selling your junk car or providing the spare so one could pick apart Lower Hutt, the precise weighing of all the items is mandatory to bring out a fair valuation. Make sure you are reading the local customer’s review so that you could steer clear of the dealers who have a terrible reputation in the market by performing false readings with the weigh scales. Hope you love reading “Sending Your Car to the Wrecking Yard”

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