Packing Smart: Luggage Regulations in Different Airlines for Goa-Mumbai Flights in 2024

Packing for your Goa-Mumbai trip in 2024 will be a snap, so forget about the struggle with your beach body! No more crazy luggage carousel prayers fueling marathons of last-minute repacking. 

Equip yourself with the most up-to-date insider knowledge on airline regulations when booking your next Goa to Mumbai flight. Learn every luggage regulation and grab your bags—we will reveal the best ways to pack light for your Goa or Mumbai getaway! 

So, let’s start!

Carry-On Luggage

Any tiny suitcase you bring on an airplane is carry-on luggage. A laptop computer, pocketbook, compact backpack, briefcase, or camera case are personal items you can bring along in addition to one carry-on.

Smart Bags Regulations

If all of the conditions listed by your Goa-Mumbai flight are met, you can travel with a smart bag as checked or carry-on luggage. For more info, review your airline’s specific smart bag policies.

Luggage Regulations For Those Traveling With Infants

Generally, you can check up to 10kg of luggage and bring up to 5kg of hand luggage if you fly with an infant and baggage. It is possible to keep your hand luggage in the overhead locker or beneath the seat in front of you if it is smaller than 55x38x20 cm. (on average for most airlines)

  1. Luggage Weightage Permission For Economy Class
AirIndia7 kg cabin + 20 kg check-in
GoAir7 kg cabin + 15 kg check-in
Air Asia7 kg cabin + 15 kg check-in
Akasa Air7 kg cabin + 15 kg check-in
IndiGo7 kg cabin + 15 kg check-in
Vistara7 kg cabin + 20 kg check-in

Things You Can Bring on Your Carry-On Baggage

Most airlines permit you to bring several personal belongings on Goa to Mumbai flights. This is in addition to the standard bag you may bring as hand luggage, especially when traveling domestically. 

These include a blanket or overcoat, binoculars or a camera, medications, an umbrella, a laptop, a folding wheelchair, and a walking stick. Baby necessities like a carrying basket, feeding bottles, and other items can be brought along when a small child travels.

Packing Tips and Tricks For Seamless Airline Luggage Check-In

To expedite your travel and guarantee that your checked bag travels with you, consider the following packing advice:

  • The screening equipment will damage the ‘film,’ so avoid packing it in your checked luggage.
  • To make it easy for the screener to seal up your bag if it needs to be unsealed for examination, try not to overpack it. 
  • Spread your goods among multiple bags if at all possible. Ask your travel agency or airline about the maximum weight restrictions.
  • Don’t include food or beverages in your checked luggage.
  • Spread the books and paperwork inside your luggage rather than piling them on one another.


Now that you know the basic luggage regulations set by different airlines running flights from Goa to Mumbai, packing for your next trip should become easy. All you will be left to do is book your flight tickets at the best price possible. 

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