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Many musicians consider the piano as the king of instruments, and for a good reason. The piano is regarded as the monarch of musical instruments due to its high versatility of music and incredible tone combinations with around 88 keys, 230 strings, and over 7000 parts; the piano deserves the title of the king of instruments. Every musical composition can be created with the piano. Playing the piano is regarded as a noble skill, and there are only a few people who know every aspect of the piano and even fewer who know how to teach it to others. If you seek an excellent piano instructor who can teach you the fundamentals of piano playing and help you discover your inner artist, look no further. Then there is no place better than Piano Lessons in Singapore.

Piano Lessons For Kid

Teaching your children to play the piano is a wonderful way to make their lives more entertaining and provide them with a healthy and worthwhile activity. Not only that, but it will educate kids to be more disciplined and ordered in their lives. Your children may learn the fundamentals of the piano with our Piano classes, which will assist them in getting acquainted with the world of music. They may learn music notation through our piano classes, which will aid them at every step of their music education. All of our piano teachers are specialists who are also kid-friendly and are well-versed in their work and responsibilities. Your child will enjoy the music and the associated delights.

Benefits of Learning Piano For Kids

Piano lessons for kids singapore are not just for entertainment or academic requirements, but they also serve many other purposes. These are some of the benefits of learning the piano.

Stress Relief

According to a psychological study, the piano is a great way of relieving stress and improving mental health. The people who play piano daily or weekly are more immune to stress and anxiety and lead healthy lives because their brain is free from unnecessary stress. They are more positive than people who do not play the piano. Other than that, they are more depression resistant and have a better quality of life. 

Split Concentration

Split concentration is also known as multitasking, and piano playing is a great way to improve it. Split concentration is a necessary part of playing the piano because to play the piano; it is required to read the notes, different movements on both hands, and also work on the music in their mind. That is a lot of work to do in a single time and is a great way of improving mental strength. 

Easy To Play

Although the complexity between style composition and records is difficult to play, the kids can learn to play basic and interesting music composition with little practice. This creates a sense of accomplishment, and unlike other instruments, the kids can learn to play it in one month and still learn for years. It provides a ground to explore for years.


Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to rewrite its skills and concepts. It is the ability to change the thinking of the brain and its working with the physical activities that go through it. Playing the piano has its effect on neuroplasticity in good ways. Playing the piano means establishing new connections for the brain to work faster and better and is open to more knowledge and wisdom. In short, playing the piano increased the level of IQ.

Improved Test Scores

Kids and students who know how to play piano and play it regularly are known to achieve good grades and perform well in their other courses. They have better focus and spatial cognitive development than most students who do not participate in piano lessons. It is also proved by the study conducted by the Texas State University Study that the students who play piano and other musical instruments perform better in science classes such as mathematics, astronomy, physics, and chemistry. 

Good For Your Physical Health

Playing the piano is good for mental health, but it also positively affects physical health. Playing the piano also has its positive effects on heart rate and working. It improves hand and eye coordination and also enhances reflex actions. Music playing also helps reduce the stress that results in lower blood pressure, which is the main cause of prevention from many heart conditions. 

Improved Aural Awareness

Playing the piano also increases the aural awareness of the player, and it helps in differentiating between the different kinds of voice. People who play the piano can easily identify the changes in chords, music, and tones that make them more active listeners. It also helps to understand specific kinds of voices in various other background noises, and the person can even understand the speech in extreme loudness.

Human Growth Hormones

Human Growth Hormones (HGH) are responsible for the physical growth of kids and children. Playing the piano increases the levels of Human Growth Hormones that play their part for better growth and help regulate body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism, and possibly heart function.

Piano Lesson Fees for Kids

Nothing comes for free, and everything has a cost. However, our main goal is client pleasure, and we only charge what is required. You may learn to play the piano from us at a low cost and under the supervision of a professional. We provide the greatest piano lessons in town, and you won’t have to go elsewhere. 

Depending on your child’s interests and personal preferences, you may select a 30-minute session, a 45-minute lesson, or a 60-minute class. Foundational (in 30 and 45-minute settings), Grade 1-3 (60-minute lecture), Grade 4-5 (60-minute lesson), Grade 6-8 (60-minute class), DipABRSM or ATCL (60-minute lesson), Pop Piano Level 1 (as requested), Pop Piano Level 2 (in 45 and 60-minute settings), Pop Piano Level 3 (in 45 and 60-minute settings), and professional Jazz piano lessons are available (in time as requested). 

  • The price of Foundational level is $120 per month for 30 minutes lesson and $160 for 45 minutes lesson
  • Grader 1 to grade 3 is available for $200 for only 60 minutes for 4 weeks in a month
  • Grader 4 to grade 5 is available for $240 for only 60 minutes for 4 weeks in a month
  • Grader 6 to grade 8 is available for $280 for only 60 minutes for 4 weeks in a month
  • DipABRSM or ATCL classes are available according to request
  • Pop Piano Level 2 (proficiency equivalent of Grade 4-5) is available for $200 per month for 45 minutes lesson and $240 for 60 minutes lesson
  • Pop Piano Level 3 (proficiency equivalent of Grade 6-8) is available for $240 per month for 45 minutes lesson and $280 for 60 minutes lesson

Extra Charges

The costs mentioned above are monthly fees for one lesson per week for the selected timeframe. The monthly payments are based on four-week classes and a five-week month. The fifth-week class will be charged as such. Some months have four weekends, while others have five. The pricing structure is based on four weekend months; however, if there is a five-weekend session, the monthly fees will be calculated as “total monthly fees= (4-week month fees)*1.25”.

If the basic charge is roughly $300, the monthly fee for five weeks would be $375.

Why Choose Us

There are several reasons why our students and clients consider us to be the finest in piano instruction. We teach not only piano playing but also its etiquettes and the purpose of music. In this manner, our learner gets a sense of the genuine essence of music and the joys of performing it.

Experienced & Qualified Piano Teachers

We do not educate pupils with inexperienced pianists; instead, our teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals. They are internationally qualified and certified and graduates of music colleges. They know how to play the piano, but they are also experts in teaching the instrument and are very nice, especially for children. We exclusively recruit the greatest teachers, who have years of experience and a wide range of abilities.

Free Trial Piano Lessons

You may try our piano lessons for free, with no referral or deposit fees. There is no need to schedule, and you can phone for two free piano lessons to determine whether our classes are appropriate for your interests. Not only that, but you’ll get access to all of the educational materials, and there are no hidden fees.

Piano Lessons for All Ages and Levels

We provide piano lessons to students of all ages. Whatever your age or degree of expertise, your piano abilities will undoubtedly be improved if you come to utilize them. We can teach children and teens to play the piano as a pastime and fun. We can also enhance your piano talents if you already know how to play or study professional piano playing from us.

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