Popular Wedding Dress Styles to Consider for Your Big Day

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Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most critical choices in wedding planning. With many styles available, every bride has a good fit to make her feel beautiful on her big day. The most popular wedding dress styles are the ball gown, mermaid, sheath, separates, A-line, and the jumpsuit.

Ball Gown

A ball gown is a traditional style for a wedding dress that is cut to be well fitted and close on the top with a full skirt that begins at the waist and falls down to the floor. The skirt is shaped similar to a bell and allows for movement throughout, and offers space for easy movement of the feet for dancing. It is suitable for any body shape and will fit well with many different wedding themes.


For a touch of glamour and a feel of luxury, the mermaid gown creates a silhouette that isn’t comparable to any other. Form-fitting to the mid-thigh and then flaring out, this dress offers an hourglass shape and provides freedom of movement for the feet and to enjoy dancing while also offering a close fit for the remainder of the dress. 

Sheath Dress

Effortless grace is present with the sheath dress. It skims down the body and offers straight lines and a sense of airiness and flow. It is well suited to weddings themed around spring, light colors, and beach weddings. It works with any body shape and is long enough for any height.


This dress gets its name from the shape, beginning close fitted at the top and flaring out in the shape of an A. Suited to all body types and fitting any theme, this dress is a simple yet elegant dress. The shape is available in several materials allowing for the choices of flowing, structured, lace, or satin, like one of the satin A-line wedding dresses from Catherine Deane. Everyone that appreciates the A-Line shape will find a dress that they can feel beautiful in. 


To create your own ideal fit and shape, there are separates available. For example, select a top that falls to the waist and pair it with a flowing skirt or a ball gown for the flare. Using separates allows you to create your own fit and style to match your theme or the location you are holding your wedding. 


The modern appeal of a jumpsuit rather than a wedding dress can offer a flexible option for someone who wants to break tradition or who doesn’t enjoy the dresses. Available in wide leg or slim cut, they allow freedom of movement and can stay comfortable throughout the wedding and the reception. In addition, a jumpsuit can fit any theme and can be tailored to fit any body shape or size. 


To add dimension and personalize any dress you choose, there are options for styling that will show your personality. A headband, tiara, or veil can add an additional focus, while a belt or shawl can add sparkle or a hint of color. Making your wedding dress your own is the most important part of the dress.

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