Price Guide for Interior House Painting

There are several elements that might influence the price of interior home painting. Knowing the expenses can help you make the best decision, whether you’re moving into a new home or changing the colours of your interior paint.

We’ll go through the most crucial components of typical interior painting prices, such as square footage and room ceiling height. This helpful paint pricing guide was prepared by Dublin Deco Painting‘s painting industry specialists to assist remove the guesswork from painting your home.

Should you hire a professional or do it yourself?

You’ll be better prepared to choose wisely when it comes to your interior painting job at the conclusion of this article. Not to mention that you might be able to save money by heeding our recommendations!

How Much Does Interior House Painting Cost?

The average price per square foot to paint a home’s interior is €2.75. The price per square foot is €4.69 when walls, trim, and ceilings are taken into account. You’ll probably spend extra if repairs are required first before painting. This presupposes that you hire a qualified painter rather than trying to do it yourself.

The height of your rooms and the ease of access are two other significant cost concerns in addition to house size. For instance, rooms with lofted ceilings or taller ceilings can raise the cost by 21% to 41%.

Prices for Interior Painting in Square Feet

The size of the property affects the price per square foot for interior painting. The basic design of the house can also affect room sizes and typical prices.

The price of interior painting might vary based on aspects like wall height, surface quality, and accessibility. Walls taller than 11 feet may result in a €1.55–€1.11 per square foot price increase. While 14 foot or taller walls might cost an additional €1.74 to €1.49 per square foot.

Last but not least, because pricing is frequently based on regional labour and material prices, interior painting costs might range across various US locations. As a result, your overall painting costs may rise or fall by 41% in some circumstances. Dublin is presently served by Dublin Deco Painting.

The Price of Doing My Own Interior Painting

There are a few things to think about if you decide to do the inside painting yourself. You may compare the costs of hiring a professional painter versus painting it yourself using the following breakdown.

Don’t forget to prime your walls thoroughly if necessary.

Cost Estimation for Interior Paint Materials

Determine the true cost of the paint product first. Assume that at least two coats of paint will be required to completely cover the surface when the colour is changed.

Next, measure the distance between each wall in the room to get the surface’s square footage. Now you may multiply the surface’s length by the wall’s height.

For the purpose of calculating the required number of gallons, our experts advise dividing the total square footage by 351.

Now, in the likely scenario that two coatings are required, you would double the first coat’s quantity by 1.7. For second coat coverage, which typically uses 31% less material than the first coat, this is the industry standard.

Price per gallon of paint

The quantity of paint gallons you need for the job is then multiplied by the price per gallon of paint you choose to use.

A higher-quality interior paint will cost you between €51 and €71 a gallon. You should budget between €31 and €45 per gallon if you choose lower-grade paint for a large box retailer.

A Quick Reminder: You may skip the next two stages totally if you like painting and already have all the materials.

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To be honest, you probably wouldn’t be reading this essay if that were the case. Let’s discuss the price of painting materials, tools, and your time with this in mind.

Equipment and Materials for Painting

The estimated cost of a paint gallon is increased by around 21% when paint supplies including tape, masking paper, drop sheets, rollers, paint brushes, buckets, grids, plastic, and test patch colour samples are included. Add an additional 11% to the above price if you don’t have drywall compound, sanding pads, scrapers, or other preparation tools.

Last but not least, you should increase the aforementioned material prices by €125 to €451 if you don’t have heavy equipment like ladders or extension poles.

Amount Spent on Your Time

Let’s discuss the worth of your time to wrap up our discussion on DIY house painting expenses. Typically, homeowners need twice as long to finish a project as a professional painter. Naturally, this depends totally on your level of painting expertise or experience.

The time spent driving to pick up test patches, materials, and paint should also be included in. Undoubtedly, doing all of these activities throughout a weekend-long house painting project adds up. You’re just halfway through the first room and before you know it, it will be Sunday night.

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Jobs that are simpler are less expensive.

Now that you’ve read thus far, you should be able to compare the expenses of painting yourself vs hiring a professional.

the positive news You can paint certain walls for less money. To elaborate, having an open area with minimal to no furniture and simple access might actually save your expenditures.

With fewer furniture, you’ll spend less time covering and moving things around in your rooms. This results in a few hundred dollar cost reduction every floor that you decide to paint.

In the end, this enables a professional painting crew to provide a lesser estimate for painting your home, apartment, or condominium.

Other Determinants of Painting Costs

Your ultimate interior painting cost is affected by a few more factors, such as:

  • Your costs will go up if you use designer or higher-quality paints.
  • Costs associated with painting large numbers of windows and doors can be reduced.
  • For appropriate coverage, drastic colour changes could require pricey additional coats.
  • Cost and complexity both rise when an accent wall is added.

Additionally, depending on the cost of labour and supplies in various cities and states, the price of a paint job might change.

For instance, a painter in Dublin may expect to make around 31% more per hour than someone in a smaller city.

Professional Painter Tip: Before engaging your next painter, we advise acquiring a documented, comprehensive overview of the surface preparation procedure. Any reputable painting company you would wish to choose for your house should give thorough prep information in their estimate.

Depending on the kind of housing, paint costs change.

Let’s discuss about painting costs per kind of dwelling as not everyone lives in a single-family home.

Painting Apartments

Apartment painting tasks often cover less square feet than complete homes do.

Painting an apartment might cost between €2,151 and €4,611 on average. Depending on the contractor specifications for your particular apartment complex, additional fees can be incurred. The time it takes to set up or move materials into and out of the unit may be impacted by this.

Last but not least, some bigger apartment buildings need confirmation of insurance, workers’ compensation, and the inclusion of the association as “additionally covered” for anybody working in the building. Before selecting a painting firm, it’s usually a good idea to see whether your building has any standards or suggested processes.

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Interior Painting

Although less difficult than apartments, condos are frequently bigger. The price of painting a condo rises with increased size, as well as with the predominance of higher ceilings and lofted spaces. In accordance with this, a condo unit will typically cost between €2,411 and €5,811.

Additionally, the length of time it takes to paint a condominium depends on the interior construction process. Consult your condominium’s building regulations before beginning your next painting project to guarantee a smooth beginning and end.

Painting Public Spaces Building

There are a few things to take into account before choosing a painting company to paint the common spaces of your condo or apartment complex. The board of your building must normally first approve the work and budget.

The next step is to organise access to certain locations, which may include temporarily opening doors or entrance access. Finally, it’s usually a good idea to coordinate the work with your neighbours who use the stairwells and halls of your building before starting.

Savings on Interior Painting

Did you know that when you decide to paint the interior of the house can have a significant impact on the cost of your job? You might want to think about scheduling an off-season time slot if you want to save money on paint.

This normally occurs between November and February each year. In fact, these months are the least hectic for painting firms. There are fewer painting jobs available for exterior projects when it’s chilly outdoors, but there are more estimates available for inside projects.

Is Indoor Painting Possible in the Winter?

As long as the right safety precautions are taken, interior painting may be done throughout the year. To cut down on paint fumes, utilise low-VOC or no-VOC water-based paint formulations. In addition, you may swiftly ventilate a room by temporarily setting up a box fan.

These suggestions can assist you in avoiding interior air quality issues before, during, and after a painting project. They can also assist you in saving money on reservations made outside of peak times.

Room-by-room paint costs

The typical cost of painting might differ from room to room when the aforementioned elements are taken into account.

The sort of room being painted can affect the cost, whether you’re painting a few bedrooms or the full first floor. Find out how much it will cost to paint a room in Dublin if you live nearby.


One of the simplest paint tasks you can complete at home is painting a bedroom. Nevertheless, depending on the design and overall size of the bedroom, this might develop into a more involved undertaking. However, the average price to paint a bedroom is between €451 and €711.

It’s important to note that a master bedroom normally has a greater dimension and costs more than a guest bedroom, which is smaller. As a consequence, the average cost to paint a master bedroom ranges from €521 to €961.

Family Room

Usually bigger rooms, living rooms may or may not have higher wall heights. Painting living rooms typically costs more since it takes longer to finish. In such situation, you should budget between €941 and €1,711 to paint a living room.


One of the simplest painting projects you can undertake is painting a bathroom. Surfaces on bathroom walls, ceilings, and trim are therefore frequently simpler to reach. Not to mention that this room’s backsplashes, showers, and tiles occupy a significant portion of the paintable wall area.

As you may expect, this results in a less expensive task, with bathrooms costing on average between €381 and €671. In order to pick the ideal wall colour to complement your design, we suggest reviewing this list of the best 11 bathroom paint colours.

Painting the Kitchen

Since cabinets, appliances, and backsplashes occupy a large portion of the wall space in kitchens, painting expenses tend to be on the lower end of the scale.

  • In your kitchen, you may either add a part or use blackboard paint to cover the entire wall.

As a result, painting a kitchen typically costs between €451 and €841. Indeed, compared to other rooms in a home, condo, or apartment, the typical cost of painting a kitchen is fairly affordable.

dining area

Typically, dining rooms are modest to medium-sized spaces with less furniture to move, which makes painting them simpler and less expensive. It will cost between €425 and €851 to paint a dining room.

A fragile armoire or bookshelf may occasionally make moving or working around more difficult and expensive during a paint job. Likewise, before the project starts, be sure to inform the painting company you hired about any fragile objects in the dining room or other areas of your house that are prone to breaking.

Spiral staircases and stairwells

When it comes to painting prices, stairs may be challenging. Most stairway painting projects include some amount of intricacy with regard to where to put the ladder and how easy it is to get there.

In addition, a lot of stairwells have several landings, extend into foyers, and have taller ceilings.

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Costs of Stairway Painting

Greater wall surfaces that are difficult to reach due to staggered step surfaces occur from higher ceilings. As a consequence, painting the walls in a home’s stairwell might cost anywhere from €781 to €1,241.

Pantries, nooks, or closets

Adding paint to nooks, pantries, and closets is not particularly difficult or expensive. Remember that bigger walk-in closets may require more paint due to their size and the amount of wall space that isn’t taken up by shelves.

  • For smaller or medium-sized areas, painting closets may be done for as low as €175–315 per closet.
  • You may compare the cost of walk-in closets to bathrooms with comparable square footage.
  • If you add trim, ceilings, or make other preparations or repairs, the price may also change.

Unless you specifically request them, closets and nooks are often not included in painting bids.

Entryways and Halls

Hallways typically cost less to paint than other rooms. They can occasionally provide difficulties if they reach loft rooms or entranceways. Additionally, as front entryways are frequently the parts of a property that see the most foot activity, painters give them extra attention.

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Depending on how the space is laid out, this implies more time will be needed to paint, which will increase the cost.

As a result, the prices for painting entry foyers vary greatly. For more challenging entrance foyer painting tasks, they might vary from €441 to €1,341.

Interior Surface Paint Costs

Each specific painting surface has a varied size and cost.

For instance, interior trim is measured in linear feet whereas walls are measured in square feet.

Additionally, the price of painting doors is calculated per door or by multiplying the price per door by the quantity of doors.

Let’s examine each sort of painting surface and the factors taken into account when determining a cost for each to provide you with some further context.

Interior wall painting costs are quite simple to calculate because they are mostly based on the overall square footage of the surface area. Interior wall painting costs between €1.91 and €3.61 per square foot.

However, if you want the task done well, preparatory or repair work may raise the cost. It takes time to perform preparation work including caulking cracks, fixing warped corner tape, and filling holes and drywall cracks. These chores are necessary to produce high-quality finishes, nevertheless.


Few people are aware of the fact that adding ceilings to a project really makes painting the walls a little bit simpler. This primarily has to do with those challenging paint lines in the room’s corners.

Painting both your walls and ceilings will result in straighter lines and a far more forgiving surface for touch-ups. This aids in lowering additional expenditures that can be associated with difficult-to-access ceiling areas.

Depending on the circumstances, ceiling preparation may be equally as important as wall preparation. Repairing ceiling gaps and water damage is sometimes an expensive requirement. The additional expense results from the challenging nature of doing prep work, such as patching, priming, and sanding an above surface and ladder work.

Another unexpected finding in terms of painting costs is that you may actually save money by adding trim painting to any wall or ceiling work.

Painting the trim facilitates touch-ups and creates straighter lines where walls and trim converge, much like adding ceilings. Painting the trim enables a complete closure of any gaps or cracks that could be present.

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A Trick with Interior Painting

Instead of painting the walls and trim individually, painting the trim provides for a more professional and affordable painting method. The cost of painting trim depends on the amount of trim and the size of the space and is calculated by calculating linear footage. The price to paint a house’s trim ranges from €2.15 to €3.31 per linear foot.


More difficult than most people realise is painting interior doors effectively, especially if you want a polished appearance. Compared to the eggshell paint used on walls, interior doors are often painted with a high gloss or semi-gloss finish, which is less forgiving.

Simple doors may be painted for as little as €71 per side, while sophisticated multi-paned French doors might cost as much as €161 per side.

Because painting is expensive, it ought to be simple.

Without a doubt, the typical cost of painting your interior depends on a number of variables, including the style of your home, the surfaces you’re painting, and the state of those surfaces currently.

FAQ about Interior Painting Prices

How much should it cost to paint a 2111 square foot house’s interior?

The average cost to paint the interior of a 2111 square foot home is €5,511 since most contractors charge between €2.45 and €3.24 per square foot for residential painting services.

How much does it cost to paint the interior of a three-bedroom home?

Interior painting for a three-bedroom home typically costs between €4,411 and €6,611. The majority of painters concur that the cost will be most significantly impacted by the quantity of preparation work and wall repair. Wall height and the ease of access to painted surfaces in each room of a house are the second most significant factors that influence the cost of painting. Additionally, if all of the walls, ceilings, and trim are taken into account, there is the total square footage of the area that has to be painted.