Why Should you Hang Your TV on the Wall? Complete Guide

Have you recently bought a new TV and are you wondering whether to Hang Your TV on the Wall? Read the full guide that can help you a lot.


Have you recently bought a new TV and are you wondering whether to hang it up? Or are you renovating and are unsure whether you want to mount your TV on the wall? In short, are you wondering what the benefits of hanging your TV are? The various advantages can be found here.

A safe solution

You don’t always think about it, but accidents can happen at home too. Any standing television can fall over. Fortunately, you can avoid that by hanging your TV!

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You save space

You no longer need a stand for your TV. This saves you a lot of space, especially with less living space.

Even if you want to keep your TV cabinet to store your devices or your media box, you gain more space by hanging your TV. You can then, for example, place accessories on your TV cabinet or your sideboard.

Flexible selection of the desired height

You can mount the TV at the perfect height. The height of your sideboard or TV cabinet no longer matters.

If you watch TV in bed, we recommend that you mount the TV a little higher. This will protect your neck. Please take a look at our tilting TV wall brackets (of the TILT series). This allows you to tilt your television (up to 15 or 20 degrees) and thus have a better view of the screen.

Give your interior design that certain something.

Televisions are getting thinner and more stylish. When you hang your TV, present your great flat-screen TV like a wonderful painting on the wall.

A great view from anywhere in the room

Would you like to be able to watch your favorite TV shows at the dining table, but also on the couch? Or is your couch not directly across from your television? Then it would help if you thought about hanging your TV with a swivel TV wall mount.

Pivoting TV wall brackets are available for different screen sizes, in different colors, and with a rotation angle of 120 or 180 degrees (perpendicular to the wall). So if you want to watch TV from any angle, you should hang your TV with a swivel TV wall mount.

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No more annoying glare

With a swiveling TV wall bracket, you will no longer be disturbed by glare, no matter where the sun is: You can easily avoid the constantly annoying, dazzling light and reflections by simply turning your TV a little with the wall bracket.

We will help you!

So you’re convinced that you want to hang your TV but not sure you can do it on your own?

Handy Andy does its best to make the installation as easy as possible for you. A comprehensive installation manual and mounting accessories such as screws and wall plugs are included with every TV wall bracket. You can also watch helpful installation videos on our YouTube channel.

Still not sure where to drill the first hole? With the TV Mounting service and Guide app specially developed by Handy Andy’s, you can easily find the right spot for the first hole, accurate to the centimeter. And precisely tailored to your respective television.

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