Pros of Being an ICU Travel Nurse

One of the most in-demand nurses is ICU nurses since they play an important role in keeping patients have a progressive response despite their conditions. Especially this pandemic season when COVID hit the world the need for ICU nurses has greatly increased. Even staffing agencies have been hiring ICU nurses continuously since they are needed by their clients. ICU travel nurse job roles are essential in keeping patients in their best conditions. 

Advantages of an ICU Nurse 

You get to provide specialized, intensive care to just a couple of patients at a time.

ICU nurses are often assigned to only one patient or two since close monitoring is needed. As an ICU nurse, you can focus more on your patient’s needs if the ratio between nurse and patient is 1:1 or 1:2, by this ratio your burnout is not an issue since you don’t need to do a lot of tasks with many patients. You just have to fulfill all the procedures and duties to the patients assigned to you. 

You get to watch patients go from unstable to stable and know that you were a massive part of that transition.

As a nurse seeing changes in your patients can give you more motivation to do your job as well as feel accomplished. Seeing your patient improve as you take care of them can give you the satisfaction that you are doing great in your job. As a nurse, it will be more fulfilling for the patients shows positive changes as you do your part in giving to their needs. 

You are likely to be highly respected for your ability to work well under pressure.

As a nurse, it is unavoidable to work the extra mile and this makes people around you respect you more. ICU nurses often develop a bond with their patients since they show care and concern to their patients and even help their families with their emotional struggles. Building trust with their patients can add up to their reputation as a nurse. 

How do ICU travel nurse job roles differ from traditional nursing roles?

ICU nurses are given specific tasks since their patients need intensive care, so they have to be skilled and knowledgeable enough to give the patient’s needs. The main difference with traditional nursing roles is how they are trained and skilled in giving the proper care the patients in the ICU need. 

What are the primary job responsibilities of an ICU travel nurse?

Monitoring Patient’s Condition and medication

As an ICU nurse closely monitoring the status of the patient is essential since they are in a stage where they can be put at risk. They have to be keen on observing any changes in their patients, plus they have to know the medication needed to be administered and check on the improvement their patients show.

Check on Patients’ Vital Signs 

Most patients in the ICU have limited mobility which makes it hard for them to tell what they need or how they feel. As an ICU nurse, you should monitor their vital signs to see any risk or any progress as they receive medication and also do the readings on the medical equipment and device attached to them to check if any intervention is needed.  

Assist in performing Diagnostic test 

Diagnostic tests are needed for ICU patients to determine if they need more medication and to identify their conditions properly. As an ICU nurse, you need to be knowledgeable in performing the diagnostic test and know the proper procedure in how to execute them. 

Communicating with Physicians 

As an ICU nurse, you have to always report the changes you see in the patients and records that need to be discussed with their physicians so you can work together in making the patient’s condition better. An ICU nurse has to report to the physicians for updates about the condition of the patient. 

As an ICU nurse, you should know your roles and determine if you are capable of accepting the duties and responsibilities before you become one. You have to work the extra mile when you are an ICU nurse since your patient’s well-being depends on how you take care of them. 

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