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A roadmap to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

GHG is the primary driver of the unprecedented rate at which climate change is taking place. Reducing emissions thus, from buildings is most significant as buildings contribute nearly three-quarters of citywide emissions owing to the consumption pattern vis-a-vis electricity use, HVAC, etc. The legislation with its package of bills aims to evolve these consumption patterns for optimum efficiency and via cleaner energy sources.

Here are some of the most tested and credible ways to ensure reduced GHG emissions from your building:-

1. Get an energy audit and building recommissioning

This is precisely the only way to track and rectify energy wastage in your building. This is also inevitably the first step towards energy efficiency for buildings. Reaching out to experts will help you quantify the excess wastage and devise a plan to check it immediately.

Recommission comprises an inspection of the building systems to ensure proper operation while adjusting sensors and controls. The biggest advantage is that you also meet the compliance requirements of Local Law 87, which demands these procedures at 10-year intervals. In addition, you will also be working towards a better grade under LL33.

If the task of making your building energy efficient sounds overwhelming, we recommend seeking help from the experts in the industry, particularly The Cotocon Group who have an established history of rendering energy services.

2. Maintain the HVAC

Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning (HVAC) are alone responsible for more than 40% of energy consumption. The labelled products help save up to 16% energy which translates to a weekly saving yearly saving of at least $100.

Air-conditioning does not contribute much to the bills, taking up around 6% of energy. ENERGY STAR central air-conditioning units provide 8% more efficiency. The air-conditioning systems are usually integrated with the heating systems implying that it’s ideal to purchase both at the same time to maximize efficiency.

3. Energy Efficient  Appliances

Appliances are responsible for sizable energy consumption (13-30%).  Customers must pay heed to two things – the initial price and the annual operating cost. Even though the energy-efficient appliances might cost you more on the purchase, they provide financial respite in the long run for their operating costs are often 10-25% lesser.

4. Insulation

The exterior cover of a building should be designed to lower heating and cooling as needed. The goal should be to make the building as airtight as possible. This can be achieved by replacing doors and windows to avoid air leaks in the existing buildings. However high-performance insulation along with non-traditional wall systems which offer additional insulation can be an alternative solution.

5. LED Lights

Optimal efficiency measures are different for each building but LED lightings are the common denominator. They facilitate energy reduction by 70-75%. Sensors could be used in places used infrequently (conference rooms and restrooms).

Importance of Carbon Reduction

1. Reducing energy expenses

The most immediate and apparent benefit is reduced energy expenditure. From problems as small as air leaks that usually go unnoticed but continue to burn pockets, to dangerous health risks instigated by carbon monoxide emissions released by faulty equipment are correct.

2. Increasing property value

Incorporating recommendations rendered by the experts ultimately make the building more efficient which increases the property’s worth. Planting solar panels, LEDs, performing weatherization does not just make the building greener and more efficient, but also hotter on the market.

3. Showing environmental concern

Showing some amount of environmental concern is required from businesses, buildings and all entities now not only from a brand-building point of view, although that’s non-negotiable, also to genuinely address the rocketing carbon levels.

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