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4 Yoga Asanas that can Help you Relieve Constipation Problems

Yoga gives some benefit to every part of the body and this article can help you with 4 Yoga Asanas to Relieve Constipation Problems


Yoga gives some benefit to every part of the body, from your toes to your head. And yes, this includes your stomach. The most common cause of constipation, gas, and other stomach troubles can be linked to our unhealthy, fast-paced lifestyles. Poor eating, stress, and busy routines can appear in your digestive system in the form of hard stools (or diarrhea) or constipation.

How is yoga beneficial in constipation?

Yoga can help reduce all such digestive troubles and discomforts. Yoga is beneficial in constipation in two ways: it manages your stress level that balances the digestive system’s functioning. The second way through which the digestive system benefits is through those yogasanas that massage the digestive organs, increasing blood and oxygen flow. This helps in getting the stool out of your digestive system. Doing yoga regularly is very beneficial for a healthy bowel. So let us know which yogasanas relieve constipation.

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Yoga asana to relieve constipation 

Here, I have mentioned the following yoga asana to relieve constipation problems.

1- Balasan  

In Balasan, your entire body gets rest. It not only reduces constipation but also helps in reducing fatigue. Do the Balasana for 1-2 minutes.

  • To do Balasana, sit in Vajrasana on your yoga mat or ground.
  • Next, raise both hands above the head while inhaling. Keep your palms separate from each other.
  • Inclined your body in a way that your palms touch the ground. 
  • Now take the head on the ground.
  • Now you are in Balasana’s pose. Relax the whole body and take long breaths in and out.
  • The fingers of both hands are tightly connected. You have to support him by keeping his head in between them.
  •  Put your head between your palms. Keep your breathing usually.
  • Balasan posture can be stable for 3-5 minutes.

2- Pawanmuktasana

The way to perform Pawanmuktasana is as follows:

  • Lie your back hair straight on the ground. 
  • While exhaling, bend both knees and bring the thighs towards the chest. Just below the knees, hold the fingers of both hands with each other.
  • Inhale deeply, exhaling the head and shoulders, and try to place the nose in the middle of the knees. Inhale and release in this position for a few seconds.
  • Slowly bring the head, shoulders, and legs back to the starting position.
  • Practice this asana 3 times.

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3- Supta Matsyendrasana

The method of performing Supta Matsyendrasana is as follows:

  • Lie back on the ground straight.
  • Spread both hands in the width of the shoulders.
  • Bend the right leg with the knee and lift it up. Keep the right leg on your left knee.
  • Now exhaling, and raising the right hip, bend the back to the left and let the right knee down. While doing this, keep both hands on the floor.
  • Now place your right knee on the other side of your body.
  • Turn the head to the right. Now you are in the posture of sleepy Matsyendrasana.
  • Stay in this posture for 30-60 seconds. Breathe normally.

4- Shavasana

The steps of doing Shavasana are as following- 

  • Sit in Dandasana. Now stretch your body along with your spine in a way that your hands touch the ground. Keep inhaling.
  • Now lie straight on your waist. Keep a distance of up to 2 feet in the feet. Keep the arms up to 45 degrees from the torso. The palms should be on the roof side.
  • Keep your eyes closed.
  • There is no sleeping in the shavasan. Just give rest to the whole body and mind.
  • Try to make your breathing very quiet and slow. The more breathing becomes calm and slower, the more you feel relaxed.
  • Stay for 5 to 10 minutes in Shavasana.
  • Focus on breathing to get out of the breath. Start moving the feet and fingers of hands lightly, then rotate the buds. Now raise your hands and stretch your body and get up slowly and sit in sukhasana.

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Points need to keep in mind:

  • Remember that relaxation is achieved only after continuous practice and slowly.
  • You can help with such things as the help objects, pillows, and other devices that support the body during exercise.
  • Never pressurize yourself to do asana; it can be harmful to you. If any injury occurs, then immediately consult your doctor. 
  • If you are new to practising yoga, you can also go through with yoga school in Rishikesh to enhance yoga’s more health benefits.

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