Rincon Dentistry: Your Same-Day Dental Emergency Care for New and Existing Patients

When a true dental emergency arises, waiting on a dental appointment can be stressful. In some cases, individuals need immediate dental care. With more dentists offering emergency dental care services, it is easier than ever for individuals to get the prompt care they need. 

Reasons a Person Might Need an Emergency Dentist

Multiple reasons may prompt a person to need an emergency dentist. It is essential individuals are aware of the reasons so they will know when to take immediate action and get help at rincondentistry.com. The following are some of the top reasons people seek emergency dental care. 

Accidents & Trauma

When a tooth has been damaged or lost, it is important to seek immediate dental care. Even when a tooth is knocked from the mouth, the dentist may be able to reseat it in the socket. Waiting too long to seek dental treatment could cause permanent tooth loss. 

Tooth Abscesses

A tooth abscess should never be ignored. These tooth infections can be serious and could even lead to widespread infection in the body. Prompt treatment is essential when a person has a tooth abscess so the infection can be brought under control right away. 

Root Canals

When a severe injury or infection arises, a root canal is often the only treatment that can save the tooth and prevent the need for extraction. Root canals can be performed on an emergency basis. These procedures remove the diseased pulp and nerve tissue. 

Broken Dental Appliances

While not all incidences of broken dental appliances require emergency dental care, many can. Broken bridges, retainers, braces brackets, and more can be repaired by an emergency dentist. 

Tooth Extractions

When a tooth is badly damaged because of a cavity or infection, individuals may need to have it removed. Prompt extraction stops the pain and allows the individual’s mouth to begin healing. 

Steps to Take During a Dental Emergency

When a dental emergency arises, individuals need to be aware of the steps they must take to ensure their oral health is protected. The following steps will help individuals remain in control. 

  • It is essential individuals do not panic. Panicking can lead a person to make the wrong decisions. 
  • If there is any bleeding, it is important to take a cool compress and apply it to the affected area with gentle pressure. 
  • When a tooth is knocked from the socket, never touch the roots. Rinse with cool water and place in a cup of milk, while heading to the dentist. 
  • If there is a swelling, apply a cool compress to the affected area. 

What Should Individuals Know About Emergency Dental Services?

Most dental offices offer emergency services for their patients who need immediate care. While some people go to the emergency room in a dental emergency, this is not always the appropriate decision. When someone needs prompt dental treatment, they need to call their dentist and ask about emergency dental appointments. 

Dentists will typically leave certain appointment times available for individuals who need immediate care. Sometimes, dentists will even come in on nights and weekends to provide emergency dental services when patients need them most. 

Seek Immediate Dental Care

Some dental issues cannot wait for an appointment to be scheduled weeks or even months away. With emergency dental services, individuals can receive the prompt dental care they need so their oral health condition can be brought under control and they can find relief. 

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