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Tips for Finding the Perfect Shirt explains one must understand the various fittings, fabric qualities, know their collars, cuffs, and more.


Most people struggle in making a decision when it comes to buying a shirt. Shirts are one of the most important clothing items in your wardrobe. A shirt covers half your body and also stays close to your face. Therefore, it is imperative to find a well-fitting shirt that accentuates your best features and covers those you don’t want to flaunt.

Finding a collection of shirts that compliment your body type takes time, effort, and money. Although there are countless stores where you can buy shirts, only a handful of brands pride themselves on selling men’s shirts made in USA

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A shirt’s collar, cuffs, and buttons can create a world of difference when worn under layers. These are important details that can either make you look perfect or destroy your style. Here are a few pro-tips to help you find the perfect shirt:

#1. Understanding the Perfect Fit 

Most people overlook an important factor while looking for the perfect fit. Comfort is the main factor that makes anyone look great in any shirt. Khaki shirts are known for comfort. The shirt you wear should have room for movement. If you can fit only one finger in the collar that is perfect for you. The armholes should neither be too tight nor too loose.

The sleeve length should not go past your wrist. Whether you plan to wear your shirt untucked or tucked, it shouldn’t extend past your back pocket’s bottom.

If you want to buy a shirt from a store, decide on the fit that would suit you best based on the following styles.

  1. Slim fit: This fit is designed for men who are more athletic and have a slim torso. If you want to go for a custom slim fit, you should add 12cm to the chest, waist, and hip measurements. This will give you more room to move.
  2. Normal fit: This type of fit is for more muscular men. For a custom normal fit, try adding 16cm to the chest, waist, and hip measurements. This will give your room to move around easily and help you flaunt the tailored look.
  3. Loose fit: The loose fit looks best for men who have a fuller body. If you want to customize this style, try adding 20cm to the chest, waist, and hip measurements.

         Save some cash and buy at least a couple of bespoke shirts that are custom made to suit your body.

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#2. Pay Attention to the Fabric 

You can’t get a perfect shirt without considering the fabric. The comfort is not limited to the style and fit of a shirt. A large chunk of comfort belongs to fabric quality. Cheap fabrics that irritate the skin would make you fit uncomfortable even if the shirt looks perfect on you. 

Decide on the type of shirt you want to buy before you go shopping for one. Take a look at your wardrobe and see whether you need a sports shirt or a dress shirt. That will help you narrow down the choice of fabric as well. A dress shirt is typically made of fine and lightweight cotton, twill, broadcloth, or pinpoint oxford. 

Cotton is hands down the best fabric when it comes to choosing any shirt. It feels great on the skin, lasts a lot longer, and looks great when ironed. On the other hand, you can buy a sports shirt made of cotton or a mixture of cotton with other fabrics. Casual shirts are often composed of human-made fibres because they don’t wrinkle easily, are inexpensive, last longer, and are stain-resistant.

#3. Different Collars for Different Occasions

You must know various collar styles to purchase the shirt that is best for you. Each collar style varies and is worn on different occasions. The collar of a shirt actually frames your face and plays a huge role in complementing your facial features. Take a look at the following collar styles and find out the one that suits your needs.

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  • Classic Collar 

The classic collar, otherwise known as the straight collar, is a very versatile one. You can wear shirts with this collar style for professional and casual occasions alike. A classic collar has a small spread* that is about 8cm. This collar style is best suited for men with a fuller face as it helps make your face look elongated.

*A spread is the distance between two collar points.

  • Button-Down Collar

This collar is similar in style to the classic collar. The difference lies with the buttons on the collar tips/points. These buttons help secure the collar to your shirt. This collar style is considered the least formal of all collar types and hence, known as a casual style.

  • Spread Collar 

The points on this type of collar are usually spread out approx. 10cm apart. Can dress the shirts with this type of collar up or down. These shirts look good in all sorts of colours, patterns, and fabrics. Men who have long or medium-shaped faces should wear shirts with this collar style.

  • Wide Spread Collar 

This collar style has points that are about 14cm apart. Shirts with this collar style are considered ideal for fuller tie knots. These shirts look elegant even if you wear them unbuttoned.

  • Band Collar

Band collars don’t have any collar tips and stand up straight. That is because a band collar is simply the fabric that wraps around your neck. This collar style is never worn with a tie, and people wear it for casual occasions. Band collars look great with a linen fabric.

  • Wing Tip Collars

Wingtip collars are worn with a tuxedo and a black tie. This collar style is known as the most formal one among all collar types. Two wings distinguish it at the front that is tucked behind a bow-tie.

In a Nutshell… 

It doesn’t matter whether you buy men’s dress shirts off the rack from a store or get some tailor-made ones as long as you understand your body type. It is necessary to make the right lifestyle choices after careful evaluation of your wardrobe to purchase the perfect shirts every time. Hop you love reading “Tips for Finding the Perfect Shirt”

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