Showbox Apk Installation -Full Guide for Movies and Tv Series Lovers

Read about Showbox Apk Installation because this app can save your money when watching movies or tv series online.


Nowadays, people are willing to spend a lot of money to watch movies and tv shows on their cell phones. Even though there are other ways, you know, to watch movies for free by using Showbox Application 5.35. Have you downloaded Showbox Application 5.35?

Showbox Application 5.35 Full Latest Version (Official)

The ShowBox Pro application is a multi-platform application that provides free content services from around the world. Show Box Pro brings a free movie viewing experience that is different from the usual. Why? Because Showbox Application 5.35 Full Latest Version provides hundreds of movies and various tv shows from all over the world, and of course, it’s free.

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Showbox Application 5.35 Full Latest Version (Official)

Ad Free

Among the many free movie service providers, there are many advertisements in them because it is one of the sources of income for application developers. However, it is different from the Show Box Pro application because Showbox Application 5.35 Full Latest Version is the first free and ad-free movie service provider application globally.

Safe and Light

Showbox application is an application that is safe and completely legal to use. Besides, Show Box can also be used freely without registering and worrying about privacy because Show box Application is included as a safe film service provider application.

In addition, Showbox Application 5.35 Full Latest Version is the latest version of the application, which is very light and requires very little memory, without worrying that the cellphone becomes hot quickly and slowly.

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No Root Needed

Most applications need to be rooted to install on the phone. Another case with the Show Box Pro application is that this application does not require root first on the cellphone to use it.


Showbox Application 5.35 provides not only movies but also many of the latest tv shows, which also offer many live broadcasts such as sports, reality shows, talk shows, and the latest news from around the world, which have to subscribe first to be able to. Enjoy it.

 Save Videos

The ShowBox Pro application can be an option for those who have little free time because Show box Application 5.35 has the option to save the desired video so that it can be enjoyed at a later time, or while traveling, as well as on the way to work.

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Multiple Languages

Most applications usually only have a few languages ​​in it. For example, English, German, French, Chinese, etc. Even though these applications are almost all over the world, you know.

Showbox Application 5.35 Full Latest Version is a provider of various films in many languages, you know. 

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Information about Showbox Application 5.35 Full Latest Version (Official)

The lightweight application for watching the world’s first film has arrived. Show box Application 5.35 comes as a lightweight movie watching application, and the following are the specifications of the ShowBox Pro 5.35 application:

Application Name

ShowBox Pro




26 MB

Recommended Device

5.0 or higher


Show Box



Last Updated

11 December 2019



Download Showbox Application 5.35 Full Latest Version (Official)

After knowing the advantages and various kinds of features and other information about Show box Application Pure, it’s time to have this Show Box Pro application. The following is the link that can be used to download Showbox Application 5.35 Full Latest Version (Official):

Download Show Box Pro 5.35 Full Latest Version



26 MB

How to Install Showbox Application 5.35 Full Latest Version on Android

  • After Downloading Showbox Application 5.35 above, here are the steps to install Show Box Pro on an Android device: also checkout: Showbox for pc
  • First of all, look for the settings menu on an Android device, and then look for the security sub-menu. If you have found it, immediately look for the unknown source button, then click it because ShowBox Pro is not available on the Google Play Store.
  • The second is to return to the main screen and immediately look for the file manager or file manager menu where the Show Box Pro application is located. After that, click on the application file. Then click the install button at the bottom of the cellphone and then wait for the installation process to finish patiently.
  • After the installation process is complete, it will automatically be directed to enter the process of scanning the file. The last process is to click the Open button to launch the Show Box Pro application located at the bottom of the cellphone. Watch movies worldwide for free, watch worldwide news shows for free, watch live sports from around the world for free, anytime and anywhere, only with Show box Application 5.35.
  • So, those are the steps you can take to download Show Box Pro on respective Android devices.

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