How is Ireland Supporting International Students Through this Pandemic?

Ireland is one of the few countries that is dedicatedly supporting its international students through the recent pandemic. Read How they are doing it successfully?


Ireland is one of the few countries that is dedicatedly supporting its international students through the recent pandemic. Irish learning institutions like IBAT understand international students’ concern around the uncertainty of present circumstances. That’s why they have pooled all the relevant information and resources online for you to browse through them.

You can check out more information about IBAT’s international students by visiting IBAT’s website or the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website.

To support its large population of international students, the Irish government has also been restructuring its education system and delivery formats to ensure their studies’ safety and completion.

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Here are the different aspects of Irish support for its international students during this pandemic.

Free access to healthcare

International students haven’t been ignored in the Irish Government’s efforts to deal with the pandemic. As per recent Irish guidelines, the international students developing COVID symptoms can contact general physicians who can assess them over video or audio calls.

If you are an international student, the Irish government will provide you access to free healthcare services should you require them. These can include testing and treatment for COVID-19 or other conditions.

Financial support for education

The Irish government has also introduced new measures to financially help international students who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

If you have lost your part-time job as an international student in Ireland, you can apply for a weekly allowance of € 350 under the ‘COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment Scheme.’

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Blended and online learning formats

Most Irish universities and colleges are starting the upcoming academic session with blended or online learning options so that students can efficiently study from their homes. 

In the case of on-campus classes in the blended learning formats, social distancing, and safety precaution guidelines have been strengthened to reduce infection risk. Colleges will focus on the thorough sanitization of classrooms and college campuses to deal with the present situation.

Immigration services

To facilitate international students with their study visas, the Irish government has a host of new policies. The government has declared the automatic renewal or extension of all visas due to expire between September 2020 and January 2021. However, you must be enrolled in an English or third-level course to fall within the eligible class.

The Irish immigration department has also started an online Registration Renewal system to make it easier for international students to renew or extend their visas.

Apart from catering to existing international students, Ireland also intends to welcome new students for 2021, albeit with a number of precautions to keep the pandemic in check. If you aspire for higher education in Ireland in the near future, you can expect a lot of emphasis on sanitization and hygiene measures and social distancing guidelines.

Hence, it would help if you didn’t hesitate to check out suitable programs and degrees offered by different Irish learning institutions, including IBAT College Dublin.

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