4 Signs Your Land Rover Needs Oil & Filer Change

Checking and refilling the oil in your car is a crucial part of routine maintenance. If you ignore this component, you risk harming your engine, which may cost you thousands in repairs in the future.

In addition, while your oil should be changed every several thousand miles, you should constantly keep a watch out in case something unexpected happens.

Land Rovers are among the most durable vehicles on the market. Your Land Rover, expertly constructed and packed with enormous power, can go almost anywhere in any circumstance.

However, regardless of how long-lasting and high-performance, you must keep your Land Rover serviced and maintained,  just like any other vehicle. That means it requires regular servicing, and you must change the oil and filter every 6,000 miles or six months. Here are a few signs that it’s time that your Land Rover needs an oil and filter change:

Signs That Your Land Rover Needs an Oil Change

The following symptoms may indicate that your oil needs to be changed.

The engine or oil light is illuminated.

Your Land Rover should be aware of the need for an oil change before you are, especially if you are low on oil. If your dashboard light comes on, check the dipstick to determine if the oil level is correct and the color is accurate, which leads us to the point that it needs an oil change.

Oil turns dirty looking.

You may have noticed that the oil is a clear, amber color when it drips from the bottle. This is because the engine consumes the oil, and particles from the engine collect in it, causing it to darken. The more particles it gathers up, the longer it stays in the engine.

If it stays in there long enough, the particles alter the appearance of the oil, turning it black and unclean. However, because the effect is slow, you might not notice it straight away.

It is mandatory for you to check your Land Rover’s oil once a month. Also, check the color of your engine oil with a dipstick at least once a month.

The engine starts making an unusual and louder noise.

Oil is designed to protect moving engine parts and reduce friction. When the oil deteriorates, the amount of metal on metal contact rises, causing the engine to sound louder than it did when the oil was new.

Without the lubrication required to keep the engine running efficiently and silently, you may begin to hear knocking and pinging sounds. Your engine could suffer significant damage before long, so get your oil changed as soon as possible.

An unusual smell in the car

An oil leak can cause a strange odor in your vehicle. It is great if you are also cautious of the odor of gasoline or exhaust fumes. All of these could be signs of oil problems or something far worse.

Land Rover is a high-performance car, but only if properly maintained. So if you get any of these warning signals, go to your nearest service station right away. 

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