Six Proven Ways to Achieve Greater Website Design

In this digital era, the website is your new store. Website is where your customers, your readers, your followers, etc. will land. Whether you are a beginner or a well-established business, you must have a website.

Your website is your online space where you can interact with the explorers of the World Wide Web. People will know about you and your business through your website.

When visitors click and land on your website, the first thing they notice is not your brand. They don’t notice what you do. Firstly, they will notice the visual presentation of your website. Then they will decide whether to stay on your website or not. That’s why the websites having uninviting designs have higher bounce rates.

Attention is a new currency these days. Your competitors are trying very hard to get the attention of the target audience. Not only them, but almost everyone is fighting for the attention of the people. And once you have an attractive website design, you can easily have this precious currency.

Your website design’s second purpose is to make it easy for your visitors to surf through your website. It must be easy for the mind of your visitors to understand your website. The images, the colors, the fonts, and the style should represent your business.

It takes skills to develop a website design that can catch the attention of the reader and make them surf through your website. Here are the Six proven ways to achieve a greater and more attractive website design:

1. Put your idea on the paper first. 

The first thing you should do is to make the rough draft of the design you want. Because for almost anything, you must have a plan.

Just sketch it on paper to make your goal about the website clear. This implies that to plan the complete site including color scheme, logo, theme etc. You need to draw your website concept with a real pen, paper, or whiteboard.

One advantage of doing things this way is that you save time by doing it offline and then creating the codes afterward. Consider how many hours you’ll need to devote exclusively to updating your system over the internet. If you are doing it from scratch, you can also get the vital elements like logo from online platforms like Designhill. You can use the Designhill logo maker tool there if you want to create a new one for your business.

2. Make navigation Simple. 

Navigation is crucial while creating a website. It’s simply a map that shows the most important destinations that people may want to visit. It’s how users can quickly learn more about your services, products, blog, and other topics.

Nothing is more frustrating than navigating a website that is unorganized or unclear. Ensure that visitors can navigate the site smoothly. They must have quick access to the information they require. This is the essence of a fantastic website. 

Everything should be a few clicks away. However, it does not mean that you will insert so many actions and make the design complex. Complex designs will make your website hard to comprehend. 

Easy navigation will keep your visitor focused which will make him stay longer on your website. The longer they will stay, the more they will understand your brand. Users have no desire to stay on your site if they can’t locate what they’re searching for.

3. Keep it simple. 

Not only in the navigation, simplicity and following minimalistic approach will make your website attractive in every aspect. So, let your website be simple. Increasing visibility is one of the factors that make a clean web page design necessary.

Use simple colors, fonts, and style. It’s easy to go excessive with color when there are so many great palettes of colors available. Even though bright and aggressive color schemes are a foundation of many designers’ preferences, when too many colors are used too close together, the visual clutter generated overwhelms the rest of the web design. Stick to a basic color scheme with a neutral background.

The same goes for the layout. The more straightforward your website’s layout is, the better. That doesn’t imply it needs to be monotonous; rather, it should concentrate on the basics. On many platforms and devices, clean, effective layouts make your site easier to load, browse, and utilize.

Using the right font will improve the readability of your website. Sometimes, the larger font can be useful for the website. It helps the visitors to focus and highlights the content of your website.

And the last thing you can do to make your website simple is to utilize the space properly. By avoiding Website clutter, you will not create any confusion in the mind of the visitors.

Because your website is crowded, a visitor may become confused, dissatisfied, and leave without using your website. So, display open space to obtain a better Website design.

4. Keep it mobile-friendly.

Ensure that your website’s design is flexible to a variety of mobile device combinations, including tablets, smartphones, and even computers. Some websites additionally need Flash animation, which is only available on monitors with a big screen. 

You must opt for a mobile-friendly website. Because most of the website traffic is generated by mobile devices. That means someone visiting your site for the first time is likely to be using their smartphone. You’ve just lost a consumer if the mobile experience is bad.

5. Add a call to action.

Call to action is very important for your website because it leads your visitor to act. Design them in such a manner that a visitor browsing your page will notice them. If you’re going to use buttons in your design, keep the content brief and simple.  

6. Use website design tools.

Using Website design tools like Designhill can help you improve your design quickly. Website design tools also help you to keep up with the change. Designhill organizes the Website design contest in which expert designers across the world participate. It allows you to choose the design you love the most, get all the source files, and complete copyright and ownership of the design. You can achieve greater website designs in no time. If you have no idea where to begin, Designhill is there for your help.

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