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Steps to Consider While Planning to Implement a New HR Solution    

What is the present HR system of your company? Is the HR software used in your company outdated? Whether you have any online system that your employee can use?

If you are not happy with your present HR system then it is the right time to consider using HR software in Canada offered by FOLKS. You need to consider the following few steps before you implement any new software.

Create a proper plan for HR implementation

How      you implement the whole process will set your tone about how will      the future relationship with the provider be. Work with the vendor to create      your HR implementation plan to know what you can expect. Ensure the following few steps:

  • Start your conversation to decide your both short and long-term strategies, and any customization/integrations needed
  • Make a detailed plan
  • Share all the information with your provider during and also after implementation.
  • Before launching, ensure the HR software is accurately performing
  • A training schedule for all HR staff
  • Review your project implementation from time to time
  • Decide how will implement the transition process

Try to implement it in phases

Having decided on the HR Implementation plan, you will like to ensure that your plan will meet your core HR processes to improve current workflows.

Firstly, consider what is not achievable for your HR department team. Don’t try to overwhelm your team, by taking up too many goals to start with. You may begin with any single problem-solution that is much easier to do. Such an approach can benefit you in the following few ways:

  • Since it is introduced in a phased manner, hence every user will understand it better.
  • Each phase must be tested and also approved
  • Implementing in a phased manner eliminates any scope of error

Collaborate also with other departments

The installation of an HR solution is a collaborative effort involving various departments. Gather a team that comprises IT, payroll, and finance employees. Involve important managers and executives in the decision-making process.

Prior to and throughout installation, collaboration guarantees you have multiple thoughts on the new system. Employees and managers will more likely be adopting a new solution if they believe their concerns are acknowledged.

Managers can also transmit information more readily and efficiently when numerous departments will be kept in the loop. While teaching personnel about the new system, this will come in handy.

Prepare your company for the next transition

Because change might be faced with resistance in your workplace, it is critical to keep everyone informed about the process. Discuss the beneficial impact a new HR solution may have on both the firm and individuals when interacting with employees.

Share your entire list of questions related to pre-implementation with staff, and talk about the advantages of a new system. Give examples of how your HR platform will help them, such as simplified online clock-ins and easy access to benefits information.

Next, provide sufficient training to your employees and be always available to answer any issues that may occur. Keep in mind that each adjustment will elicit a different set of reaction.

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