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SUCCESS PROCESS: 4 Small Wins that Yield the Biggest and Best Changes in Life

Succeeding in life is a goal for everyone. Read about Success Process in Life includes Small Wins that Yield the Biggest and Best Changes.


Succeeding in life is a goal for everyone. Nobody wants to fail, but it’s part of the test and trials, so you can learn and grow in the process. Success does not always have to be instantly enormous. In truth, it is a chain of small wins. You will never know how to appreciate big if you don’t value small. 

Do not underestimate and invalidate the small wins you or other people attain because these can actually yield the biggest and best changes in life. Read on to know 4 of them and the reasons why they are indeed worth a celebration!


Success Process in Life

People say that you only live once, so you have to enjoy it to the fullest. That sounds fine for some ears, but it is totally NOT right! Remember that in everything you do, you must not merely enjoy to the fullest but be responsible to the fullest too. 

When one knows that something is harmful but still voluntarily chooses to engage in it or consume it, that could highly imply addiction. One of the biggest and gravest worldly dependences is cigarette smoking. Although smokers are aware of the detrimental health effects of this habit, they still continue to smoke. Even when they know that their nonsmoking loved ones around them are prone to illnesses caused by their cigarette fumes, still, they don’t stop. 

Cigarette smoking is without a doubt destructive to human health and to relationships. Sadly, some smokers are just overly hard-headed and reckless to not care at all. What they only care about is their own gratification. 

While the latter is unfortunately existent, it is a relief to know that there are smokers who come to a great realization that they need to end their deadly fixation. What’s to note now is that in the face of their desire to halt it, it will not be easy-peasy because, again, smoking is an addiction. This is where the role of the smoker’s own endeavours and of his/her beloved people’s support come essential. Quitting smoking is not achieved overnight; for some, it takes months and years, but it is highly possible. 

If you are a smoker who’s been making tons of efforts in helping yourself cease smoking, you are on the road to growth and betterment. The moment you set your mind into forgoing this bad reliance is the hope of a fresh beginning and restoration. The days you can last without the smell and taste of them are remarkable. 

The times you are able to decline peer pressure’s invitation to smoke is a win. Your friends might say that it’s just eliquid, and it’s so fragrant. Your workmates might give you a tobacco cigar box for free. Keep in mind that all the words they convincingly say will have a terrible effect only if you bite into them. The power is still in your own will. Choose to refuse. 

Saying no to it amidst the struggle as a smoker is a noteworthy step of huge achievement. Abandoning something that’s bad for you is a life-changing decision that will truly make things right. It’s the perfect time to find genuine peace and joy while restarting life for the better. Its first step for Success Process in Life.

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Success Process in Life

It is a matchless joy to be able to get a job that fits your passion. That’s when work does not seem like work. Yet come for a reality check: It’s not so easy to find THAT job. 

Given the practical needs that people have, looking for a job to satisfy your passion is not the best key to an efficient life; getting a job that will pay the bills is. Unless you are born with a golden spoon, this won’t be a problem. This is the reason why many dreams are left unaccomplished by many people. Because the top priority is to feed oneself, help the family, earn for a living, passion is usually set aside. 

But realize that even when you do not get a job that suits the fire in your belly, you can still spend some time doing it. Maybe it’s painting, baking, teaching, swimming, playing drums. Whatever your passion is, there’s a way to start it, get back to it, practice it, and still be good at it. You can manage your time wisely, look for part-time or flexitime opportunities, join seminars and workshops, season yourself in it. You never know what outstanding skills and good places you’re bound to!  2nd step for Our Success Process in Life.


Success Process in Life

When you have a lengthy list of things to do, it’s already exhausting just to stare at it. Sometimes, there seems to be a magnet on the bed, a demotivating force and an unwanted vibe that pulls you down to keep you ranting about your deadlines. When the time for work or school submissions is fast-approaching, the typical response of many is cramming. 

When you are used to doing your assignments and reports with only a couple days left before the target date, you might be unbothered anymore by these crammed outputs. BUT have you ever tried finishing them all before the D-day?! It certainly gives a rewarding feeling! 

Even if it’s just a day before the exact cutoff, that you were able to achieve your work, it’s something that makes you proud and happy. How much more if you do that a week before, right? That means you can be at ease and can have some spare time in case there are revisions to be done. No nervousness and no high tendencies of committing mistakes. What’s more, you can rest and do other work in advance. This one’s incontestably an accomplishment.  


live a successful life

Ever since you were a little kiddo, you have heard of the famous quotation, “Health is wealth.” No matter how old you get and how far you reach in life, this saying will forever be a fact. 

Health is priceless and peerless. There’s nothing that can replace good health. It is a chief priority for all creatures, but most especially for humans. When you are fit and robust, you can do more and be more. You are always one step ahead of others when you are full of healthiness and vigor! 

Absolutely, caring for your state of health is a tremendous must. It keeps you alive and kicking. You can immediately see one’s able-bodied and hearty health through the physical appearance, however, health is not just about what catches the sight. It is also about what’s unseen, what’s inside. 

Mental health is one of the main aspects of human health. Not everyone realizes and recognizes how crucial it is to take care of it. Close-minded people do not believe that it is a weighty matter to consider. Awfully, some think that mental health is meaningless and is sometimes used as an excuse by those who suffer sickness related to it. 

Do not be like those people who turn a blind eye to the significance of mental well-being. You can do that by, first and foremost, giving time for your own mental health. Veer away from stressful things, toxic people and negative spaces. Spend time for wholesome activities, with uplifting folks and in efficient places. Whether online or offline, make sure that what, who and where you get exposed to can foster good psychological well-being.

In this day and age when people are bombarded with tremendous busyness and inappropriate lifestyle choices, it is a big fulfillment to be able to guard and nurture good mental health. Life is surely better with it. 4th step for Success Process in Life.

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Sometimes, the most relevant and pivotal transformations in life branch out from the seemingly little actions. There’s a process to trust and to undertake before fully succeeding, but that doesn’t mean there are no victories in between. Small wins are still wins even if you turn the world upside-down. Small success is still success anytime of the day. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice-over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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