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Take Child Maintenance & Nadra Divorce Certificate Legally (2022)

Child Maintenance & Nadra Divorce Certificate: 

Nazia Law Associates in Pakistan is an expert law firm dealing with child support cases and Nadra divorce certificate.  For Divorce Certificate Nadra & Divorce Certificate in Pakistan Nadra, U need to Know the Process of Divorce Certificate Pakistan. The time involved in a lawsuit may, for example, be prohibitive if the other party defends. Where a separation agreement is part of a decree, a court can hold the party refusing to abide by its terms in contempt of court. The possibility of imprisonment for contempt constitutes a solid inducement for the other party to make the proper payments under the decree after the Nadra divorce certificate.


 Detention is unusual in such cases. The threat alone often convinces the offending party that he or she should meet the specified conditions. A spouse may sue under a separation agreement even after the Nadra divorce certificate. If that spouse secures a judgment, the judgment may be collected by the usual means. These include attachment of the other spouse’s property, garnishment of rents or additional funds owed to the other spouse by third parties, and other methods established by state law.

Spouse of Children:

Decrees for the support of a spouse or children can also be enforced from one state to another under common support laws after the Nadra divorce certificate. These laws provide a means of following the spouse who owes support but skips town to avoid payments. A divorce action begins typically, as noted, with a complaint by one party against the other. The time required for the completion of the activity will depend on many factors.

Financial & Other Problems:

These include the degree to which husband and wife have agreed on financial and other problems and the backlog of cases in divorce court. Typically, from two months to a year or more can elapse before the divorce decree becomes final. In some states, an interlocutory order may precede a final rule that issues the Nadra divorce certificate. The interlocutory decree will not become final for a time of 90 days or more. The parties are not divorced until the final Nara divorce certificate is issued in Pakistan. Many couples and some states have sought ways in which to speed divorce actions. Two such methods are the so-called “quickie” divorce and no-fault divorce. The latter had been legalized in most states by the early 1980s.

“Quickie” Divorce Decrees:

So-called “quickie” divorce decrees can be obtained in countries or states having little or no residence requirements. But are these “quickie” divorce decrees recognized everywhere? Under the federal Constitution, the “Full Faith and Credit” clause requires that the courts of one state give full credit to the judgments and decrees of the courts of another state. However, except this general rule, the court entering ‘the original laws must have had jurisdiction over the parties to that action. If the court did not have such jurisdiction, the second court does not have to give the decree full faith and credit. The requirement of residence has been mentioned in connection with the Nadra divorce certificate. You can contact Nazia Law Associates to get your Nara divorce certificate issued in a few days.

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