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Child Schooling & Talaq Process in Pakistan

Child Schooling and Talaq Process in Pakistan:

If you have any issue regarding the child’s schooling or talaq process in Pakistan by family lawyers in Lahore Pakistan you may contact Nazia Law Associates. The Talaq Procedure in Pakistan & Procedure of Talaq in Pakistan is very simple and easy. The child’s parents fail to fail in their duty to ensure that the child is being educated. The School Regulations of 1959 govern the exclusion of children from school irrespective of the talaq process in Pakistan by family lawyers in Lahore Pakistan.

Different Sanction:

There are, in fact, three different sanctions, available and they have different consequences: exclusion. Expulsion. Suspension. Exclusion. In practice, pregnant girls are often excluded from school on this ground. Confusingly, some LEAS also use the word exclusion when suspending a child who has not complied with one of the school rules (e.g., as to dress). Expulsion. This is the ultimate sanction. However, this is reserved for serious breaches of discipline since if the child is of compulsory school age (see below), he must receive schooling from the LEA. it means that if he is expelled, the LEA must find another school for him.


 It is not within the power of a head teacher of a school to expel a pupil regardless of the talaq process in Pakistan by family lawyers in Lahore Pakistan. The articles of government of the school will lay down who has the authority to expel; it will be either the LEA or the governors or a combined decision of the LEA With the governors. It will never be the head who expels. In practice, expulsions are rare and are usually dressed up as suspensions. It avoids the LEA having to provide a place in another school for the child. Suspension. It is primarily designed for use against children who break school rules (e.g., against jewelry). A suspended child remains on the school register and a, accordingly there is no need for the LEA to find another school place for the child.

Family Lawyer in Lahore:

Accordingly, it is a temptation regardless of the talaq process in Pakistan by family lawyers in Lahore Pakistan to suspend pupils rather than expel them. However, by suspending a child for an indeterminate length of time, the practical effect is the same as expulsion – the child does not attend school. It will set out the procedure for suspending a child in the school’s articles of government. These may differ from one LEA to another. Still, they likely conform to the Model Articles, which state that the head teacher shall “have the power of suspending pupils from attendance for any cause which s/he considers adequate, but on suspending a pupil she shall immediately report the case to the governors who shall consult the local education authority regardless of the talaq process in Pakistan by family lawyers in Lahore Pakistan.

Sometimes the consent of the governors is also needed before a child can be suspended. A parent has no legal right to see the school’s government articles, although, in practice, most head teachers will show them to an interested parent. When a child is suspended, the parent should write to the head teacher asking for details about why the suspension took place and how long it lasts. They should also ask whether they have the right of appeal; they should send copies of the letter to the governors and the LEA.

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