Technology’s Impact on Hunting: The Uncamouflaged Truth

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Although hunting might seem like a sport mired in traditionalism, the truth is that modern technologies have revolutionized all forms of hunting. Here’s your crosshairs guide to how technology has changed the world of tracking and killing game.


Perhaps the most significant advancement in hunting technology has been in hunting clothing. The most obvious of these sartorial innovations has been the advent of photo-realistic camouflage, but there are even more scientific marvels that help hunters of all stripes.

Companies like HECS (, for instance, have drawn on biology and engineering to counteract the senses of many game animals. These cutting-edge developers have created camouflage clothing that absorbs the electrical signals produced by the human body–the same electricity that warns animals of hunters’ presence. 


One of the most staggering advancements in hunting technology isn’t in firearms or gear, but in the logistics–namely, scouting for hunting spots. By using motion-activated cameras and aerial drones to explore and research throughout a hunting location, hunters can spend time gathering data to determine when and where they can find the most success in tracking their prey.

Gun technology

Outside of the bow and arrow, firearms are the name of the game when it comes to hunting. Accordingly, some of the most noteworthy advancements in hunting technology have come in firearms. To begin, gun manufacturers have refined their techniques considerably in recent years, making it easier than ever for hunters to use lightweight, ergonomic guns with high-powered scopes, high-capacity magazines, and long-range firing.

On top of that, the firearm industry has expanded the range of accessories available to everyday hunters. Every hunter has different needs, and it’s straightforward to match these needs with accessories like night-vision attachments, laser dot scopes, and suppressors.

Utilizing smartphone apps

Like scouting technologies, smartphone apps can provide heretofore unimaginable ease when planning and executing a hunt. Though different smartphone apps offer various services, using a suite of vetted apps can help hunters keep a log of their hunts, receive information about animal activities and weather conditions, and contact other hunters to stay safe in the wilderness.

Depending on a given smartphone app’s quality, you might find that it can be helpful as a hunting tool in its own right. Some apps, for example, can produce the calls of waterfowl and mammals, allowing you to keep your hunting game sharp with the press of a button. Many deer and trail cams also now include smartphone apps for remote viewing of your favorite hunting spots. 

Internet resources

The internet might seem intuitive, but it’s changed everything in the world of hunting. With the Internet’s democratization of information, it’s easier than ever before for hunters, novice and veteran alike, to improve their game by researching tips, studying animal behaviors, and getting on the ground floor of cutting-edge innovations.

Final Thoughts

All in all, new technological advancements have radically altered hunting, its place in the world, and the styles of hunters everywhere. Although some technological innovations can be intimidating, hunting will likely only improve as technology does.

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