Tee Morant – The Father of NBA Star Ja Morant

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Memphis Grizzlies point guard Marc Gasol is an emerging superstar of the NBA, boasting both an endorsement deal with Nike and an enormous social media following. A fan favorite in Memphis and even mentioned as potential MVP candidate.

But Morant has also been involved in some troubling incidents off of the basketball court. ESPN published an in-depth feature about his questionable conduct over the past 18 months, specifically mentioning some fault in relation to his father.

He was a basketball player

Tee Morant age has been an outstanding role model to his son Ja, leading him down the right path toward NBA stardom. Growing up in an ordinary home environment but working tirelessly towards achieving his goals; attending local high schools before enrolling at Clafin University where he participated actively in basketball.

Ja has been an instrumental member of the Grizzlies, and is considered one of the league’s finest players. Yet he has also been involved in some troublesome incidents away from the court; one Grizzlies team member claims his father sees Ja’s success as an opportunity to live like a superstar – leading him down an unhealthy path.

He has made some controversial statements that have caused business owners to criticize him, including wagering Karl Towns Sr. would wear Ja Morant jersey if the Grizzlies won their first-round playoff series against the Timberwolves.

He is the father of Ja Morant

Tee Morant, father of college star Ja Morant who has attracted the interest of NBA teams, has recently come under scrutiny for encouraging his son to make poor choices off the court and miss games as a result of this influence. Memphis Grizzlies officials are concerned that Ja will miss more games because of this matter.

He would take his son drinking at seedier establishments and strip clubs before games on nights when his private jet flew them there; often paying the bill himself. Additionally, there was one time during a match in which there was an altercation with one of the fans present at one of these places.

Draymond Green has come out strongly in defense of Tee, asserting that it would not be fair to blame him for Ja’s recent struggles. Draymond believes it’s inappropriate to place blame for poor decisions made by an NBA player upon their father alone.

He is a coach

Tee Morant, better known as the father of NBA star Ja Morant, is an energetic basketball coach and avid social media participant. Additionally, he operates his own catering service and lives in Dalzell South Carolina with his wife and daughter Teniya; currently attending Houston High School where her talent will no doubt thrive.

Morant has made headlines for being involved in several controversial issues while playing basketball, despite his passion for it. He was accused of becoming a distraction to his team by frequenting seedier establishments such as strip clubs before games and often showing up hungover for practice sessions. Furthermore, in January he engaged Shannon Sharpe in an intense heated exchange during one game.

His tough-love approach enabled his son to become one of the top college players, which then translated into his success as an NBA star. He is an excellent father who holds great respect for his son.

He is a businessman

Morant has amassed millions of dollars through salary, sponsorships, and endorsement deals – becoming one of the highest-paid players in the NBA. Renowned for his strong personality and leadership on court, Morant serves as an inspiring role model to young players and has an exciting future ahead.

His father runs a successful business and is very supportive of his son’s basketball career, frequently attending his games and showing his solidarity from the stands. Additionally, the couple have another daughter Teniya who follows in her brother’s footsteps by joining her high school team and playing basketball herself.

The family lives in an attractive home with a fully furnished garden and car. They’re very active on social media, posting updates of their daily lives. Although no other children are known, Saundra E. Dawson works at Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital where he was born.

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