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The best African cities for celebrating pride in 2022 and upcoming years

We are in the 21st century, and the world has taken new shapes and evolved into a completely new place. People have seen a lot of wars and turmoil. The hate between people has grown and society has become intolerant. However, there is a new kind of love that has evolved over time, which allows people to love without any boundaries of gender. Such love is very important to make this world a better place, and also make it a tolerant domicile free from hate and wars to live. It is known as LGBT, and today people celebrate Pride Day in every corner of the world.

celebrate Pride Day

Pride: A reason to celebrate

Pride: A reason to celebrate

However, some countries prohibit this kind of love as their governments don’t take it as a humanitarian. Loving a guy or a girl of the same gender seems like an abnormal thing to do. However, it is love and nobody should be stopped, persecuted, or punished for it. Africa is a continent deprived of love. People living there need something desperately to change their lives, and starting with love is the best thing to do. Decades of civil wars and ethical conflicts have left this continent with death, poverty, and famine. When people will be allowed to love as they like, and like as they wish, it will create hope for them to recover.

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Best African Cities to visit and celebrate Pride in 2022

Only a few years ago, the idea of celebrating Pride anywhere in the world seemed like an impossible and suicidal idea. With passing time, it has become a freedom of action. Today, it is hard to imagine that Pride can be celebrated in Africa in the most unlikely of places.

Best African Cities

Although the size of these celebrations may vary, and sometimes police and local authorities may start a crackdown, LGBT has flourished in the worst of conditions. Tourism has also flourished with their activities as bisexual people travel more to tolerant places. Travel agencies in London have capitalized on such chances, and they are now promoting LGBT marches and Pride celebrations in Africa and other places in the world. Although some agencies don’t fully support the idea of promoting tourism in the name of LGBT Pride, they still help their clients to a great extent for the sake of love.

Following is a list of cities in Africa, where Pride Day is celebrated with high spirits. So if you want to be a part of this celebration, we recommend you to visit these cities. No matter if you are gay, lesbian, or straight, you can take part in their rallies, parties, concerts, and every other thing that makes this day special. So read on and get to know about African cities for celebrating LGBT pride.

Cape Town – South Africa

Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the best cities in Africa to celebrate Pride. It is due to the fact that gay marriages and keeping a relationship with the same gender is legal there. Cape Town is one of the most colorful cities in Africa. People are quite friendly there, and the atmosphere is always lit with festivities and cultural shows due to the fact that this city is home to multicultural people.

Cape Town is indeed a city of love in South Africa. It is a holiday destination with amazing beaches, and Nature Reserves for all its visitors to see and explore. It is indeed best for you and your partner, no matter what your genders are, to visit it and plan your holidays. But we recommend you to visit this country when a Pride event is going to be held there. You can experience a tension-free environment and hold your partner along with enjoying the parades, concerts, and other festivities. You can also sense the feeling of freedom and security in those marches, as thousands of people who are straight walking with LGBT couples in their support.

Johannesburg – South Africa

Just like Cape Town, Johannesburg also hosts some of the best LGBT pride shows and festivals to encourage and support LGBT people. Due to the inclusionary laws of the Republic of South Africa, this city enjoys so many functions, celebrations, events, concerts, and parades; and you can visit them all without being judged. Citizens of this amazing city can enjoy every event of LGBT, and they can embrace the growth in their society by spreading the message of love that the world so greatly needs.

This city hosts LGBT education seminars, concerts, and other relative events for the promotion of love and tolerance for everyone. As people go towards their desires and ultimate satisfaction, places like Johannesburg and Cape Town play a vital role in providing a platform that is much needed in their promotions. Apart from LGBT movements, this city is also very beautiful. The coastline is so amazing, and there are countless beaches for you to swim and soak in the sun. You can also visit nature reserves in the surrounding area with ample wildlife to see.

Kampala – Uganda

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, and one of the most unexpected places to celebrate an LGBT Pride event. Although LGBT is still not legalized officially in Uganda, you can travel there and enjoy different parades, marches, concerts, and other events that are held independently in this country.

However, as it is still not legalized in this country, you have to be very careful about going there and attending Pride functions and events. Anything can happen when a foreigner visits a place to take part in illegal activity, no matter how much dedication they have for a particular thing, which in this case is supporting LGBT rights. But sometimes the cause is worth the risk involved, and if you believe that your actions can bring change to the local people, you can always take part in their protests and parades.

The people of Uganda are fighting hard to legalize LGBT rights, and you have a great chance to help a nation build its principles on a core value of love and affection without any boundaries. So take part and raise your voice no matter whether you are gay, lesbian, or straight.

Mbabane – Swaziland

The Kingdom of Swaziland is a great place to find some LGBT festivals and celebrations. The pride marches are held there on small scale. However, activists aim to hold the biggest pride march Africa in this year or the next in Swaziland. There are many small-scale events hosted in this country, especially in the capital city of Mbabane. But the people of this country are aiming higher than ever, and soon one day they will be able to make love win over hate.

One of the best things we can admire about these people is that they are dedicated to a cause in which you are free to love anyone. They are devoted to making that happen for their country, and to inspiring other countries to adopt the same rule. Equal rights for everyone are advocated by these people, and we all should help them so that they can live happily and freely. Everyone deserves the right to love whomever they want to marry. Mbabane is in a struggle of its own to make that happen. If you are brave enough to travel there and become a part of their struggle, it will clear your own conscience, and you will become a better person on the whole.

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