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Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Activities in Lubbock, Texas

Texas is a wonderful state famous for many things, natural beauties included. Western Texas is especially attractive to nature lovers, so if you’re ever visiting Lubbock (or even contemplating moving here), expect to be blown away by all the amazing activities you can do outside. From hiking to chilling out in local parks and engaging in all sorts of sports, an active person like you will never be bored in Lubbock. If you want to know what amazing outdoor activities await you in this Texan gem, stay tuned. 

Spend time on Buffalo Springs Lake

Buffalo Springs Lake is probably the biggest attraction to outdoor lovers in Lubbock. This lake is big and very well equipped with different attractions. It’s home to many public events as well as amazing camping, fishing, boating, hiking and swimming. With your admission, you can enjoy two beautiful beaches perfect for a summer dip or some fishing action. Buffalo Springs Lake also offers amazing hiking and exploration adventures where you can take on nature trails on food or rent an ATV and try your hand at some 4wd power. All around you, you’ll see a ton of wildlife and get to know little cute animals. Even if you’re visiting the area just for a day, Buffalo Springs Lake should definitely be on your itinerary. 

Test your balance while paddle boarding 

When on Buffalo Springs Lake, you can obviously do many cool activities, but one you just can’t skip is standup paddle boarding or SUP. This activity involves quite a stable board that allows you to stand up, paddle on the surface of the water and enjoy a whole new view of the lake. This activity is suitable for all people no matter their age, sex, fitness level or experience. As a matter of fact, it’s a perfect activity for families because all members can have a ton of fun. During the open season, you can rent your board on the weekends and test your balance, endurance and paddling skills or just soak up the sun on the water. 

Explore Lubbock Mackenzie Park

Lubbock’s Mackenzie Park is a must-visit spot for all visitors. This is a place equally beloved by locals and visitors and a spot where people who love and appreciate the great outdoors mingle and hang out. The park offers a variety of activities in a reasonably-sized area covered in beautiful nature and a few lakes. It’s a perfect place for a picnic if you want to relax, unwind and feed the ducks, and it will also become your dog’s favorite spot (it has a large dog park). But the best thing to do in Mackenzie Park involves a different kind of animal—prairie dogs. These cute little mammals love to explore their home, peek out, bark and roll around in sand and dirt. They are super entertaining to watch and feed. If you decide to stay longer and check out affordable apartments for rent in Lubbock, make sure to look for spaces as close as possible to Mackenzie Park. You’re guaranteed to love your place more if you can visit the park every day after work and get some outdoor time.


Do some hiking

Lubbock is also blessed with many hiking trails suitable for all types of hikers and activity lovers. These trails are perfect for relaxed walking and nature exploration, biking, trail running, and anything in between. There are six scenic trails in the area, all very well mapped and equipped with signs. All the trails are quite easy to hike and there is even a kid-friendly one you can take on your future family trips and outings. Many trails have historic sites and they wind through the natural areas around the city. If you decide to take the longer routes, be well-prepared and pack your trusted otf automatic knives as well as suitable clothing and plenty of water. This way, even if something unexpected happens (which is always a possibility in nature) you’ll be protected and secure. 

Try your golfing and batting skills

Lubbock is a sporty city so it’s not a surprise that you can try out all the different sports with a ball. If you want to try golfing, you can hit The Range and practice your driving skills before you enjoy a tasty pizza and some drinks. If baseball or softball is more your thing, D-BAT will be just what you’re looking for. Visit the batting cages where you can test your reflexes, skills and strength and have a ton of outdoor fun with friends and family. 

Become a ninja warrior at Adventure Park

Ready for some ninja-warrior outdoor fun? Visit Adventure Park and try out all the different climbs, obstacle courses, adventure towers and rope courses. There are also various arcade games, go-karts, mini-golf, laser tag and zip line options. 

As you can see, Lubbock will more than satisfy your love for the great outdoors and all the fun activities you can do outside. You’ll either fall in love with the outdoor or rekindle the old adventure flame. 

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