The Best Tips and Tricks to Pick the Right Winter Clothing Online

Would you be ready with the right gear if winter came by tomorrow? Well, if you can’t shop them in a store, look for winter clothing online.

I’ll take you through some options for buying winter clothing online. This post will also highlight winter clothes mens and women’s thermals.

So get ready to add some warmth to your winter wardrobe.

Tips to Stay Warm in Winter

When it’s wintertime, it’s time for warmth and comfort. These should be your top priorities. If you follow these two basics, the rest will follow. Your winter wear can also take you places when you wear them correctly.

Let’s look at some basics for staying warm in winter. You will see these aspects reflected in the content that follows. It will also help you choose your winter clothing online.

1. Layer Up

When winter becomes harsh, it’s time to layer. People all over might not need to dress in layers daily. But, it’s for those who experience constant drops in temperatures.

Layers on your winter clothing online will keep you warm and dry. It will work whether you’re out hiking or walking on the streets.

You should always start with a moisture-wicking and insulating base layer. Once you wear that, add a warm mid-layer for extra insulation. And finally, wear a warm, waterproof, windproof outer layer to face the elements.

You might feel the heat after a point when you wear multiple layers. So, if the weather is bearable, get rid of one layer. It will take you through if the other layers are winter-friendly.

2. How’s It Fitting?

While shopping for winter clothing online, look for the right fit. It can be tricky to pick an ideal fit online. But, you could go for the sizes you usually prefer.

The right fit plays a massive role when considering men’s and women’s thermals. Choose clothes with a snug fit that allows flexibility with movement.

Also, you must look out for winter-friendly fabrics on your clothes. It will help in keeping the chills away effectively.

3. Stay Dry in Damp Conditions

When it’s cold outside, there are chances of damp conditions. And getting wet isn’t going to help if you don’t dry up fast. You’re risking your health if you wear wet clothes for long periods. Hence, it’s essential to pick clothes that fulfill the winter properties.

4. Always Accessorize Well

Accessories are a boost to any outfit you wear. It’s possible that you might not pay much attention to this aspect. But, you should have some winter accessories in your wardrobe.

You’ll see some of your options later in this post. But, you could choose hats, gloves, socks, and other winter accessories to enhance your outfits.

Keep these points in mind while buying winter clothing online. It will guide you towards making the right decision.

Best Fabrics for Winter Clothing Online

Let’s move on from the tips and look at the best fabrics for the weather. You have some versatile options for your winter clothes online. These fabrics mentioned here can be a great blend of function and fashion.

So, look and see which ones you would like in your wardrobe.

1. Wool

Wool is a popular fabric in the textile world. It’s also a well-known winter fabric.

Its properties meet the demands of the winter weather as well. For winter activewear, wool is an excellent choice.

Wool also has wide varieties worth the investment for the cold weather. Merino wool is one such popular example. It provides warmth, comfort and wicks away sweat easily.

Apart from this, wool is also easy to maintain. And with good care, it will last longer as well.

2. Silk

Silk is a lavish fabric that will keep you warm during the winter months. It’s a smooth and comfortable fabric for your winter clothing online. But elegant looks would come at a price. And so, silk is an expensive option for the market.

Add it to your winter collection if you don’t have budget constraints.

3. Down

Down is a natural material that comes from the feathers of ducks and geese. Do you have puffer jackets in your wardrobe? Down is a fabric that’s used to manufacture these jackets.

The amount of down in your winter coats can determine their warmth. A down coat comes with a waterproof outer layer that provides insulation as well. Apart from the warmth, it can look stylish as well. But here’s another expensive garment in the winter market.

4. Polyester

This one is a synthetic fabric. Polyester is made mainly from woven plastic. It’s used for base layers since it provides good insulation. It also repels water and keeps the wind away.

In addition to its moisture-wicking abilities, polyester dries quickly too. Winter wear can benefit from this characteristic. It will come in handy while moving in damp conditions.

It’s also a durable fabric if you wish to buy one this winter. But, it’s expensive and not as odour-resistant as wool.

So, these are few of the ideal winter fabrics for your cold-weather clothing. Which of these would you prefer wearing?

Winter Layering for Winter Clothes Mens and Women Wear

As mentioned earlier, layering is essential in extreme winters. You should have knowledge of the layering system and how it works. It will give you the right amount of protection from harsh weather.

The three main elements you need to understand are mentioned below. Check it out and enhance your knowledge of winter layering.

1. Base Layers

Base layers are closest to your skin in winter. They should exude warmth and comfort. It should also keep you dry in damp conditions. These layers should have moisture-wicking and insulation abilities. They come in many fabrics and colours as well.

They’re usually made with natural fibres, which don’t let them feel too bulky.

2. Mid Layers

This layer is sandwiched between your base and outer layers. It helps with heat retention. It should also be a good insulator, breathable, and have moisture-wicking abilities. The usual materials used for these layers would be fleece or down.

3. Outermost Layers

Outerwear will face and protect you from the wind, snow, and other winter elements. It is usually made of tough, abrasion-resistant fabrics that are resist water and wind.

You can opt for outerwear that provides good insulation if you are in the cold often.

Picking The Right Women’s Thermals

Ladies, by now, you’ve understood the importance of thermals and layering. Now the question is, “How would you pick the right women’s thermals?”

Well, there are some factors you must take a look at. These factors can help you in making an informed decision for your women’s thermals. Let’s look at those essential factors in this segment.

1. The Right Material

All winter wear must come with suitable fabrics. Some of the materials mentioned above are used in manufacturing women’s thermals. Of those fabrics, wool is again a popular choice.

2. The Right Fit

Thermals come closest to your skin in the layering system. So, it should have a snug fit on your body. You should feel warm and comfortable in your thermals. You could try selecting one size smaller.

It’s because they could expand with time. Eventually, it could also start feeling bulky along with your other clothes. So, you should be aware of this aspect.

3. The Comfort Level

Like the fit, here’s a priority for most clothing pieces. But your thermals should be as comfy as possible. The excellent quality fabrics will bring in the comfort you need. So, look out for quality over quantity.

Always look out for some inexpensive options first. Then, see how they feel before you change your mind the next time.

4. The Breathability

Breathability is the thermal’s ability to retain moist air between your skin and your jacket. It is very crucial when you think of thermals. Your thermals shouldn’t feel restrictive in any manner. They should let you walk around with ease without cause for concern.

So here are some things ladies can look at while buying thermal winter clothes online.

Winter Clothes Mens and Women Wear

Winter can be an enjoyable season with the right winter gear on you. This cold season has some amazing essentials that can look fashionable too. Both men and women should have these pieces in their wardrobes.

1. Sweaters

Winter will always feel incomplete without a sweater. This piece of clothing is practical and stylish together. You get these pieces in lovely patterns, colours, and necklines. You have a great variety of sweaters in the winter markets.

You can wear sweaters for casual as well as formal occasions. So, you can wear it to parties and at your workplace too. It’s all up to your preferences and styling options.

You have options like v-necks, crewnecks, turtlenecks and much more at your disposal.

2. Winter Jackets and Coats

These pieces are among the fashionable options for your winter wear. It’s an excellent choice for winter clothing too.

They too can perform their winter duties well. Apart from that, wear these pieces to make a statement at a party. And, don’t be surprised if you see heads turn towards your look.

Also, these clothes will be your outermost winter layer. So, it will be seen by one and all anyways. You have various options to choose from for winter jackets and coats. Each of them is elegant and class-personified.

Some of your options could be leather jackets, puffer jackets, trench coats, pea coats, etc.

3. Winter Pants

You’ve secured suitable tops for your winter wear. But, your bottoms will matter too. They too must provide the right amount of warmth, comfort, and insulation.

Opt for heavyweight and denser fabrics like wool, corduroy, flannel, or fleece on winter pants. Lined pants or trousers could also do the trick for your winter wardrobe.

So, you have sweatpants, joggers, leggings, and warm trousers to choose from. Some of them are ultra-casual, while others can be versatile.

Do you have these pieces in your winter wardrobe already? If not, you must go ahead and buy them. You’ll easily find these types of winter clothing online.

Accessories for Winter Clothing Online

As mentioned earlier, there are a few accessories as part of winter essentials. They will help you go through the winter season without much difficulty. These are some common ones you’ve heard of over the years. But, you must understand the value of these accessories during testing times.

1. Winter Hats

Your head is one of the most essential parts of your body. If the cold hits your head, you could face a winter cold. Of course, you don’t want to fall sick if you experience magical winters at your place.

And so, beanies are essential to get through the winter season. Winter hats aren’t limited to beanies, though. In some places, balaclavas could also work fine.

2. Scarves

Now it’s time to provide your neck with some warmth and protection. But you can include the head too. You should wrap a scarf around your neck, head, and ears. With that done, you’re ready for a winter day out in the open. Also, a good scarf has the potential to elevate your look.

You should always look to invest in patterned scarves. They will keep you warm while adding variety to your outfit. You also have different styles worth trying to tie a scarf too.

3. Winter Gloves and Mittens

Your hands need the warmth too, in winter. You don’t need to make some hot tea or coffee daily. You could invest in a pair of winter gloves to keep your hands warm throughout.

Most gloves will have touchscreen compatibility these days. It means that you will be able to handle your gadgets without fear.

Mittens are slightly different from winter gloves. A glove has openings for each of your fingers. But, mittens have one opening for the thumb while another for all the fingers together.

Both will be available in many colours, patterns, and sizes. But you don’t need to worry about warmth and comfort when facing the chills.

4. Winter Socks

Socks might not be seen much in your outfit. But they are essential for your winter wear.

They should be breathable, good insulators and wick away moisture. Thick materials are your best options for winter socks. Here again, wool will take good care of you.

Cashmere socks are also worth an investment in harsh temperatures. The material is so soft, delicate and luxurious that you could wear them at home itself. It saves you from the chills outside!

5. Winter Shoes

Boots are always a go-to during winter. It could include hiking boots, snow boots, etc. All you require is a firm grip and your feet well covered. And yes, you shouldn’t forget to wear socks along with the boots. And winter boots can help you look stunning at a party too.

These are some accessories to use along with the winter clothes mens and women wear. Some of them could also fit along with women’s thermals. So, what are you planning to wear during this winter season?


The right winter gear will always help you enjoy your winter experiences. So, I hope this post has helped in giving you suggestions for winter clothing online.

The post included some basic tips on winter clothes mens and women wear. Also, it focused on how to pick the right women’s thermals.

So, look out for these aspects when you shop your winter clothing online. But remember, online shopping won’t be the same as physical shopping.

So you must be doubly sure of your choices. It would be great if you could compare your options before you take the final decision to purchase.

This post was written by Kosha team member – Shawn Mathias

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