The Essentials of Education

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A traveler studying the menu on an ocean liner or, indeed, in some American hotels, a sense of paralysis. There is so much to eat, more than you can digest. Sometimes one feels the same way about education, which also comes with a huge fee bill. Almost any dish can be found in it, from Greek to shorthand, from music to economics. How do we choose between a puzzling extravagance? What dishes should we order if we want not only to be satisfied, but to obtain the necessary food for a healthy life, to become truly cultured people?

This question cannot be answered without asking and answering another question:

If this problem were suddenly put to school children, or university students, or even to their parents, I doubt that everyone could suddenly come up with a clear and convincing answer. Most of us are educated because our parents are with them, or because school attendance is a norm in our society, or because it is compulsory, or because it is clearly necessary for success, or compelling reasons for wanting to be educated, or, in any time. what to give; And if our minds regress, we’ll probably wake up from our meal perhaps full of vitality but undernourished. So let me start by asking why we should put effort into aims education. In answering this question, I will stop focusing on the most important of all.

Get catalogs of universities in the United States. You will find courses on countless topics. Are there any common characteristics in these courses? Is there a goal for each of them? I think there is a common feature and each course has a similar goal. All of them are destined for first class; The purpose of each course is to help the student learn what is first class in the particular subject she is studying. If it is an English course, the objective is that you know what good English is; If it’s an agriculture course, you need to know the best framing methods; If it is a cooking or sewing course, it is to teach the student how to cook or how to make dresses very well. The same is true for a course in any other subject: your goal is to show what is top notch in the subject. This is the common thread that runs through all stages of education. Whether we are teachers or students, we must enter our minds with the force of the idea that, whatever happens, education will be incomplete and unsatisfactory if it does not give a clear idea of ​​whether it is first class in the world. studied subject. Otherwise we may have some knowledge, but we will not get an education.

Educational activities spring from the creative and intellectual faculties of human nature, such as literature, art, architecture, and music. I should add science and architecture, but in these two subjects it is difficult for anyone who is not an expert to appreciate the quality, and many students do not have the intimate knowledge necessary to judge the work in them. On the other hand, each person has a close and daily contract with the other four. Architecture surrounds him in every city, literature finds him in every library, music assails his ears on his radio, and shape and color are part of everyday life. The architecture can often be poor, the literature and music often childish, and the art often not worthy of the name; But this is the fundamental reason why, during all that time, we have known how to distinguish between good and evil.

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