The First 5 Things Your Company Should Translate

Going global as a company is known to come with a lot of benefits. Apart from the fact that you can help a greater number of people find answers to the questions and challenges that your company solves, you also get to recruit more top talents around the globe. There was however an issue with communication, seeing that not all countries speak the same language. This is why the language translation business has boomed in the last set of decades. Its emergence made many more business setups around the world have the confidence to spread their tentacles to other countries with different languages to theirs. As a global company, there are some important things your company should always remember to use translating equipment for. Let us have a look.

Your advertisements on social media

One of the ways of getting your business going successfully is by putting up traffic-seeking advertisements about the services you offer or what you sell on social media. This is because a majority of the world’s buying populace has a presence on social media. It is only prudent to make yourself known there as part of your business strategies. If your product has gained global recognition, you have to put measures in place to make sure your prospective customers know more about you in their own understandable languages. It is necessary that you have translated versions of your adverts into the most globally used languages. Putting this measure in place will make prospective customers who do not speak your language feel inclusive. Another type of equipment you might need is interpreting booths. Interpreting booths can provide a comfortable, almost soundproof environment for interpreters in multilingual events.

Meetings or conferences

Most companies usually have routine meetings with their staff and also have meetings with their customers or even prospective ones. A global company will definitely be interfacing with people of diverse cultures and languages, especially customers. The best way to get your audience to ride along with you during any meeting is to put translators’ equipment in place. A piece of simultaneous translation equipment that uses infrared transmission is an effective equipment to use for translations during such events. It works just like a television clicker. The headphones for the audience have different channels to choose from to listen to any preferred language.

How to use your products

If your brand has gone international, then there are so many things you can no longer take for granted. One of them is including pamphlets in the packs of your products, which will have different language versions of how to use those products. For example, you may be dealing in ointments or creams that make sure female hairs do not break or come off gradually whenever they are being washed or combed. While new customers may have understood from your adverts on social media that your product helps protect their hair from breaking, if they do not know how to use it because they can not read in your language, they would just move on to the next available option that provides them with what they need.

HR services to your global staff

A global company will definitely be hiring globally too because if you are based in England and speak English, you will need some employees who are based in Poland and speak the Polish language to help grow your branches in Poland. The same thing goes for other countries where you are set up that do not have English as their first language. With your global staff coming from different countries with different languages, you will need to translate offer letters and other HR services into the first languages of all the countries you are set up in. Giving an offer to someone in say France, would be more beautiful to him or her if that offer was presented in French. All other benefits they can get from the company should be put out to them in the languages they understand most. An employer of record can also help you out in this aspect especially when you’re company is expanding rapidly.

The contents on the company’s website

If you want more traffic on your website from all over the world, you must make it accessible to and usable for everyone. There should be a translation option for any visitor who doesn’t speak your first language if you really hope to attract them as your customers. This is because people will not come back to your website if they discover that there is no translation in place the very first time they visited. Website translation is very important if you really wish to put your brand out there in the global market. In fact, it is the most important thing that your company should translate if you are seeking global attention. You can opt for a multi-language site where visitors can choose their preferred language or have your site have multiple versions in different languages.

Final word

Achieving a global presence is usually good for the image of the company because it improves the company’s profitability and brand. There are different aspects of the translation process that need consideration. You need to consider your budget, timeframe, the languages you are considering, and the preferred language service provider. Once you are able to sort the language barrier, you are in for greater heights in the global arena.

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