The Health Benefits of Soy Wax-Scented Candles

Scented candles have long been popular for creating cozy, relaxing environments in homes. Traditionally made from paraffin wax derived from petroleum, standard candles release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and smoke into the air when burned. This can worsen indoor air quality and negatively impact health. However, there is a natural, cleaner alternative – soy wax candles. Here’s an overview of why soy wax candles are a healthier choice over standard paraffin candles.

What is Soy Wax?

Soy wax is made from hydrogenated soybean oil. It was first developed in the 1990s as a renewable, sustainable alternative to petroleum-based paraffin wax. Soy wax is biodegradable and derived from plants. It’s also free of harmful pollutants. When burned, soy wax candles release little to no smoke and very low VOCs compared to paraffin candles. This makes them much less irritating for people sensitive to fragrances or smoke. The soot released from soy wax candles is also cleaner and easier to clean up.

Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

There are several key benefits that make soy wax candles a smarter choice over paraffin candles:

  • Cleaner burn – The low VOCs and lack of soot/smoke make soy wax better for indoor air quality and health. Those with asthma or allergies can particularly benefit.
  • Renewable resource – Soy wax comes from a sustainable plant source that’s renewable and environmentally-friendly. Paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum refining.
  • Customizable fragrances – Essential oils and fragrances blend better with soy wax compared to paraffin. This allows for more customizable, complex scents in soy candles.
  • Longer burn time – Soy wax candles tend to burn slower and longer than paraffin candles. This gives you more enjoyment per candle.
  • Cooler burn – Soy wax candles burn at a lower temperature than paraffin. This reduces the risk of accidental fires and burns.
  • Eco-friendly – Soy wax is biodegradable and non-toxic, making it safer for the environment when producing and disposing of candles. Paraffin can be more harmful to ecosystems.

How Soy Wax Candles Are Made

The production process of soy wax candles is similar to paraffin candles, but with a few key differences:

  • Soybeans are first cleaned, cracked, flattened, and solvent extracted. This separates the soybean oil from the solids.
  • The soybean oil then goes through a hydrogenation process. This strengthens the oil molecules and converts the oil into a solid wax.
  • Dyes, essential oils, and fragrances are added for color and scent. Soy wax blends well with essential oils.
  • The wax is poured into candle jars or molds and allowed to fully harden and cool before the wicks are inserted.
  • Compared to paraffin, soy wax has a lower melting point so candles require lower pouring temperatures.

The Benefits of Scented Candles

Filling your home with pleasant aromas using scented candles can lift your mood, reduce stress, and create a relaxing oasis. Here are some top reasons to light scented soy wax candles:

  • They mask unpleasant odors and freshen indoor air.
  • Their aromas provide a soothing, spa-like experience and atmosphere. Popular scents include lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla, pine, and more.
  • Lighting candles at night can set a warm, cozy mood and help you unwind before bed.
  • Soy wax allows candles to retain their scents longer than paraffin varieties.
  • Essential oil-infused soy candles provide aromatherapy benefits. For example, peppermint and citrus scents can energize, while florals and herbs can relax.
  • Candle scents can remind you of fond memories or favorite seasons and holidays.

How to Choose the Best Soy Wax Candles

When shopping for soy wax candles, look for ones made with 100% natural soy wax along with high-quality essential oils and cotton wicks. Check that fragrances come from essential oils, not artificial scents. Opt for reputable, eco-friendly brands that use lead-free, FDA-compliant wicks. Look for clean-burning candles made in the USA from domestically grown soybeans. Be wary of artificially cheap candles, as quality soy wax candles will be priced higher than paraffin. But the investment is worth it for a non-toxic product you can enjoy without guilt!

In summary, soy wax candles made from American-grown soybeans offer a renewable, sustainable option over paraffin candles. Soy wax’s cleaner burn, customizable scents, and environmental benefits make it the smarter choice for indoor air quality and health. After your first soy candle, you may find paraffin ones hard to go back to. The next time you want to add some cozy ambiance to your home or give a gift, try a high-quality scented soy candle and enjoy the experience of a cleaner burn.

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