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How Do You Choose the Right Packaging Supplies for Your Product?

Inventing and manufacturing a great product may only be the beginning of the marketing process. That product must be marketed correctly and it must be packaged attractively and protectively. The new product must get on store shelves in good condition and survive customer handling and storage. Then, the product must attract customer attention and help convince them to purchase it.

Packaging Design Help

When a new product is ready for marketing and distribution, the manufacturer needs to choose the correct packaging material, design, and color choices. Will rigid packaging be best or will the newer flexible pouch type packaging work better? The packaging experts over at The Packaging Lab can help manufacturers design and choose the right materials for their product packaging.

In the process of choosing the packaging for this new product there are factors to consider: 

  • Budget limitations will help define material choices. The materials used affect the manufacturing costs, transportation costs, and storage costs. The manufacturer and the packaging specialists must find a balance between what is available to spend, creativity, and production limitations for the perfect packaging.
  • Transportation must be possible for the new packaging design. Spend the money to get packaging that protects the product during transportation and marketing.
  • Materials and sustainability are important factors. The package must be the right size for the product and the material must protect the product at a reasonable cost. Some packaging choices include blister packs, clamshells, and skin packs.
  • Size choices make a difference. If the product comes in different sizes, different size packaging may be needed. Money can be saved by using each size package for several sizes of the product.
  • Design and Branding are also important in packaging. Working with the chosen materials, package styles, and package sizes, come up with colors and package designs that will appeal to the target audience for the product.

Key Factors In Packaging Design

In conclusion, there are key factors to consider when choosing the materials and design for the packaging of products.

  • The choice of packaging material will be driven by budget and need. Once the packaging material is chosen, it is time to design the perfect package for the protection and marketing of the product. The packaging must be a good match for the product it will be enclosing. The packaging will add a certain amount of bulk and weight to the product. a good balance must be found when designing the package.
  • The packaging with the chosen material must be attractive so that it will attract consumer attention and get sold in the volume needed. The product package must stand out in a good way. the packaging design and colors should be part of the company branding and overall marketing scheme. So, people see the advertising for a product and then have an easy time picking it out at the retailer because of matching packaging.
  • The packaging must pay attention to the ergonomic needs of retailers and consumers. The consumer needs a package that is easy and convenient to open when they get it home. The package also must be easy for the retailer to handle and display.
  • The package shape and size must be right for the product and right for shipping, storing, and retail display. An awkward shaped or sized package will be detrimental to the sale of that product.
  • The package must be affordable but also strong enough to protect the product during distribution and marketing. No one wants to be overwhelmed by damaged product complaints from customers. Consider the fragility of the product and the stress it will be subjected to in the shipping and storage stages.

When a product is well-designed and packaging is designed well, the manufacturer and retailer will see sales go up and profits reach the desired levels.

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