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The Importance of Using Impact Covers for Your Menus

It’s difficult to deny that the food service industry is gaining steam. Seventy years ago, consumers spent about a quarter of their household food budgets on dining out. Today, that figure has more than doubled. On top of that, more than 65 percent of consumers dine out at least once a week with many going out multiple times per week. 

Spurred by the soaring popularity of dining out, quite a few restaurants have now entered the mix. Because of that, consumers have a broader selection of establishments to choose from than ever before. Of course, that also means restaurants now need to set themselves apart to survive the industry’s increasingly growing and diversifying landscape. 

Customized Menus for Greater Distinction

As simple as it may seem to many restaurateurs, high-end, customized menus can make a world of difference. Impact Covers gives restaurants a vast range of custom menu solutions to choose from. Take a look at some of the reasons tailor-made menu covers can be crucial for today’s restaurants.

Standing Out in a Crowd

These days, people view dining out as far more than a meal they don’t have to cook or clean up after. It’s an entire experience. From choosing where to go for dinner to relishing every morsel of food on their plates, dining out is certainly an exciting occasion. That’s true even for those who venture to restaurants multiple times per week.

With all that in mind, every detail of the experience counts. That includes service, presentation, menu choices, and many other aspects. Choosing items from a menu bound in a beautiful, unique cover can add to the situation as well. Menu covers can add a luxurious air to the mix, making patrons happy and enticing them to return. 

Emphasizing Consistency

Consistency is crucial for businesses of all types, and restaurants are no exception to the rule. It’s an effective component of branding that can help restaurants meet the needs and expectations of their customers. Tailor-made menu covers can foster consistency in a few key ways.

They allow restaurants to apply their logos, color schemes, and other elements to menus in a way that will stand out. With numerous materials and designs available, custom menu covers can also help restaurants convey their quality and other important factors to the public. Standard menus will only go so far in this regard, but customized varieties help restaurants take their branding and consistency to entirely new levels.


Bespoke menu covers can likewise be a cost-effective inclusion for restaurants. For one, they can make menus last much longer than they would without high-quality protective materials to safeguard them against spills, repeated use, and other hazards. Secondly, the covers can be reused even when the menus inside continually change. Since the covers are made to last, restaurants won’t have to replace them nearly as often as they would standard cardstock or laminated menus. 

Distinguishing Your Restaurant 

Numerous factors affect the success of modern restaurants. Quality, customer service, and many other aspects enter the mix. That being said, custom menu covers can be an important piece of the puzzle.

They help to enhance the overall patron experience while fostering brand consistency. They’re also a cost-effective way for restaurants to ensure they stand out in a crowd while reducing unnecessary spending. Although custom menu covers may be a secondary consideration for many restaurants, they certainly deserve ample thought and attention.

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