HONOR 70 Malaysia: A Quick Review 2022


The trend and boom in Honor 70 mobiles are shifting to the Malaysian markets. Malaysia is no exception to these latest technology mobile phones. The HONOR 70 Malaysia is not coming slow. It has its specifications, stunning and extraordinary features, real-life applications, and the latest technologies. 

In this article, we will be focusing on those things that are making these phones popular and famous. You will learn almost all, the key aspects of honor 70 that are launching in Malaysia. So, keep your mind focused on this article. 

A Quick Review of all the important things in HONOR 70 mobile phones

  1. Non-removable battery 

The presence of a non-removable battery is making this mobile even stronger and more durable. 

  1. Built-in loudspeakers 

If you want to get rid of connecting to external speakers to listen to your favorite sounds, then get honor 70 mobile phones for you because these mobiles have several built-in loudspeakers. 

  1. 32MP wide selfie camera 

If you are fond of making selfies and looking for the best selfie mobile phone, then you need to buy the honor 70 because these are the nice-looking camera mobile phones in 2022. 

  1. 6.67 inches display size 

You must have got an idea about the large screen size of these Honor mobiles. Such large screens and display quality are enough to get these mobiles. 

  1. Dual sim supported 

If you want to use two different networks and Sim cards in one mobile phone, then you must catch honor 70 because these mobiles are dual sim supported. Using two different networks on the same mobile is made possible with the blessings of the honor 70 launch and release in Malaysia. 

  1. Numerous Connectivity options

There are fewer connectivity options that you will find on these mobiles. These options would be enough for you to connect t the quick and fast internet and other wireless connections. The name of the connections is mentioned below. 

  • GPS 
  • USB Type 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot 
  • Glonass 
  1. Strengthening networks

These mobile phones support many new and strengthening networks. You will be able to move from one network to another quite easily. The easy transfer from one network to another is making these mobile phones more useful. 

Here, I will name a few of those networks that these mobiles are supporting. 

  • GSM
  • CDMA 
  • HSPA
  • CDMA2000
  • LTE 
  • 5G
  1. Widely used color options 

If you want to get the popular color options of mobile phones, then no worries at all. These mobiles will provide you with many options to choose your favorite color. The available color options are mentioned below. 

  • Shiny black 
  • Royal blue 
  • Glittery silver 
  • Emerald green 
  • White 
  1. 4800mAh battery 

These mobiles are made with Li-Ion batteries. The strength and capability of these batteries cannot be denied because they can run longer without any major hurdles and disturbances. 

  1. Snapdragon 778G+ 5G Processors 

Well, if we discuss what kinds and powerful processors are used in these phones, then we will find snapdragon there. These processors are powerful enough to avoid heat dissipation and other power losses. 

Wrap up 

The HONOR 70 Malaysia is one of the recent mobiles made by Honor Mobiles. Initially, Honor Mobiles made a tremendous bloom in Chinese markets. Now, they are returning to the Malaysian markets with their new and revised mobile phones. Now, it has become popular on global levels as well. This boom will also bring many new technologies to the mobile markets. 

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