The Most Popular Keyboard Sizes and Why They Are Preferred

Keyboards come in a variety of sizes, but three tend to be the most popular – full size, tenkeyless, and 60%. Each keyboard size has its own advantages that make it preferred by certain users. This article will explore the most popular keyboard sizes and explain why they are favored.

Full Size Keyboards

The full size keyboard is the most common and well-known keyboard size. As the name suggests, it includes all the standard keys including the full number pad on the right side.


  • Has all the keys including number pad, making it ideal for data entry and spreadsheet work
  • Familiar layout that most people are accustomed to
  • Wide availability in stores and with pre-built keyboards

Tenkeyless (TKL) Keyboards

Tenkeyless keyboards are like full size but without the number pad. This makes them more compact while still retaining the main keyboard.


  • More space efficient and portable for users who don’t need the number pad
  • Allows mouse to be positioned closer to center for better ergonomics
  • Often preferred by gamers for more room for mouse movement

65% Keyboards

65% keyboards further shrink the footprint by slimming down the main keyboard area. Arrow keys, function keys and more are accessed via an FN layer. One of the most popular 65% is the GMK 67 Keyboard.


  • Extremely compact and portable
  • Desk space efficient for small work areas
  • Minimalist aesthetics that some prefer
  • Popular for aesthetic keyboards and custom builds


When choosing a keyboard size, consider your needs in terms of portability, functionality, and aesthetics. Full size suits most people well, but TKL and 60% have benefits for gaming, ergonomics, and compactness. Finding the right size comes down to personal preference and usage needs.

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