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The Things You Shouldn’t Fix When Selling a Home

It’s common for homeowners planning to sell to assume they’ll make the most money by fixing every single problem with their properties before even speaking with a real estate agent. Given how many home improvement shows there are on TV these days, that should come as no surprise.

The good news for homeowners who don’t want to invest a small fortune in properties they’re about to sell is that there’s no need to fix every single problem. Instead of spending money on extensive home improvements that may or may not provide a worthwhile return on investment, do some research first. Read on to find out about what not to bother fixing when selling a home.

Is It Worth Fixing Up At All?

In some cases, it may not be worth putting a single penny into home improvements. Homeowners who need to sell fast won’t have time to schedule appointments with local contractors and wait for repairs, nor will they want to spend months marketing the properties and dealing with an endless stream of unqualified buyers. 

Homeowners who want to sell fast should skip all the repairs and improvements and visit placepitch.com to sell their houses for cash. Of course, not everyone wants to take this approach. It’s also perfectly fine to reach out to real estate agents, but be wary of anyone who claims the entire house needs renovating to attract a single buyer.

Avoid Vanity Fixes

There’s only one good reason to make repairs or upgrades on a home that’s about to go up for sale, and that’s to increase the purchase price. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t keep this practical reasoning in mind when deciding what to fix and what to leave for the buyers to tackle. 

Vanity fixes can be defined as problems that homeowners only want to fix because they want to be seen in a positive light by buyers. While it’s completely understandable to take pride in a property, it makes no sense from a monetary perspective to fix problems just because they’ve been sitting on a to-do list for months or even years.

Don’t Bother Addressing Purely Cosmetic Flaws

Serious buyers aren’t looking for a perfect paint job or flawless floors. These kinds of cosmetic issues can be addressed easily at any time, even years after the new homeowners move in. Common cosmetic problems that don’t need to be fixed can include:

  •  Cracks in floors

Peeling paint

Untamed landscapes

Driveway cracks

Aging but functional fixtures

Outdated appliances

There are some exceptions to the rule, here. Homeowners with plenty of time on their hands, plus all the right tools, skills, and experience, may want to repair minor problems. If appliances or fixtures are barely working, they might be worth replacing. All that being said, it’s usually best to leave these kinds of minor issues for the next owner.

Ignore Grandfathered-In Code Violations

This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s best to ignore code violations, even if they show up in inspection reports, if the building has been grandfathered in. By law, inspectors are required to disclose all building code issues. That doesn’t mean home sellers need to fix them if the initial build or repair was completed before the change in codes.

Nothing’s Perfect

Here’s one last piece of advice for homeowners trying to figure out how to invest their money before a sale: buyers want to see potential, not perfection. It makes little sense to sweat the small stuff when potential buyers will likely make changes to the property as soon as they close the deal, anyway. 

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