Things You Can Expect to Find at a Thrift Store

Thrift stores are a wealth of opportunity—from workforce services to unique gems of a purchase! We have all heard stories of people uncovering treasures in thrift stores. This is rare, but you can expect to find great products at these stores. These stores sell donated pieces such as jewelry, designer clothing, home décor, musical instruments, collector’s items, and books. Here are some donated items you can expect to find at a thrift store.

Collector’s Items

When people donate items, they may not know the item’s value. Some give valuable original artworks worth thousands of dollars to thrift stores. These items are quite valuable when repaired and cleaned. You can find unique collector’s items such as valuable sculptures, tapestries, artwork, and trinkets. Such items are worth a huge amount of money and make an impressive profit if resold.

Vintage and antique toys and dolls are common at thrift stores. Classic, vintage, or popular toys such as Star War Figurines and Hot Wheels are valuable finds at these stores.


A thrift store is great for finding great books if you love reading. You never know your luck to find a first-edition book that is unique and filled with great content.

Vintage books are not only for avid readers but also for décor pieces. They are a great gift and can be placed on a stand or table to personalize a room.


Finding silver is not a rare thing in a thrift store. Not all sorters distinguish between genuine silver and stainless dinnerware, resulting in silver landing in thrift stores. You could obtain silver kitchenware at thrift stores. Resell the silver forks or spoons obtained at the stores or simply add them to your home collection!

Home Decor Pieces

Décor pieces such as candlesticks and ornaments are readily available in thrift stores. When people move to new homes or do home makeovers, they often donate their home décor pieces to thrift stores. Most of these pieces are quality, unique, and sell at a pocket-friendly price.

Decor pieces such as lampshades are also very common in thrift stores. If you love the base, changing the rest is easy and gives your lampshade a new look. You may also find unique vases that bring some color, texture, or unique shape to a room. Many vases are vintage, but even if they do not match your room’s style you can spray paint them in the color of your choice.

Home Appliances to Fund Workforce Services

Quality home appliances such as microwave ovens, toasters, food processors, and blenders are available in thrift stores. Whether you’re a young professional, a college student, or just trying to be frugal while establishing your new home, thrift home appliances save you a lot of money. Plus, when you purchase, you raise funds for thrift stores to provide workforce services such as job placement, employee training, and adult education.

Sporting Goods and Accessories

Thrift stores sell sporting goods and accessories such as snowboards, basketball apparel, baseball catcher mitts, and battling gloves. Check your local thrift store if you’re looking for hiking boots or backpacks! Most sporting accessories are available at an affordable price, helping you take part in different sporting activities.

Musical Instruments

Thrift stores sell musical instruments at low prices. Some common instruments and music gear in thrift stores include amplifiers, guitars, keyboards, flutes, and saxophones. You can find very rare and valuable musical instruments selling at only a fraction of their price at music stores. Though they may need some care and repair, the cost of such may still be substantially less than that of a brand-new instrument.

Designer Clothes

Thrift stores are among the best spots to find quality designer clothes at affordable prices. Every bargain hunter knows that thrift stores offer the best deals for designer clothes. You do not need to spend a fortune to own designer clothes. Shopping at thrift stores, you find different designer brands such as Calvin Klein, Zara, Levi’s, Guess, and Citizens of Humanity.

Thrift to Promote Workforce Services Today!

Thrift stores offer unique pieces, including jewelry, collector items, home décor, designer clothes, books, and musical instruments. Buying from these stores does not only save you some coins but also promotes workforce services. Most thrift stores transform many lives by using their revenue to fund job placements, employee training, and adult education.

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