Tool Storage: Benefits and Top Considerations When Buying One

For tradespeople or any avid DIY individuals, one of the things they find difficult is getting their hands on the perfect tool storage solutions for their tool organization needs. While some people find themselves content with their tools out in the open for easy access, it can pose a significant risk to other workers or children in the same area. Hence it’s only logical to keep these tools in one place to prevent tools from being damaged, getting lost, or becoming dangerous to other people when left lying around common areas. 

To solve your problem with organization, you can purchase one or look into building a homemade DIY tool storage solution. Whichever you choose though, make sure that it can keep all of your current collection of tools as well as new ones you’ll be purchasing later. With the variety of storage solutions available today, it can’t be that hard to find the perfect one. 

What are the Benefits of Tool Storage Solutions? 

Right now, you may think that your tool organization system is fine as it is. You have a dedicated space where your tools will go if not in use. Accessibility isn’t an issue because it’s out in the open where you can easily grab a screwdriver or a cordless drill when needed for a project. 

Though you think it may be safe for now with only you in the area, it suddenly becomes a hazard with people coming over and when you start a family. It’s going to be costlier if a person suddenly trips on the sander’s cord or hand tools set placed in an elevated structure falling into a child and causing unimaginable injuries. Listed below are some more benefits you can reap with a tool storage system in place. 

1. You’re able to maintain tools properly

Did you know that unkempt tools can lead to diminished quality of work and decreased efficiency? Improper care can lead to these tools being unusable in the long run. Hence, it’s vital to keep them in a storage solution where their durability increases. Proper storage can help prevent tools from accumulating rust, dust, grease, and others. Preventing damage means you’ll be saving money since you don’t have to replace these tools yet. You can use them for a longer time and their performance won’t be affected. Do your research and find out which tools can be kept in the open and which should be stored. 

2. Helps you be organized with your tools

Tools quickly become disorganized when you work with plenty for an ongoing project. This is a common occurrence for people sharing equipment, people working in their garages, and more. When this happens, it could lead to tools getting lost or damaged, or worse, stolen. Having a tool storage system in place at home or a portable one helps keep better inventory control as everything is where it needs to be. 

3. It’s vital for safety purposes

Throughout this article, the topic of safety has been emphasized even more because improper tool storage can pose risks to everyone. If you’re living alone, keeping tools unattended may not sound unsafe. However, it can still cause unintentional harm or injuries to people coming in contact with it. It’s much better to keep everyone safe with tools properly stored. 

4. Better use of available space

It’s natural for tools to be strewn across the garage or shop due to everyday use. With everyone busy and using tools to complete a task, it creates unnecessary clutter that leads to improper use of the space. Make better use of the space by having a designated area where the tool storage system can be kept in place. This way, other areas can be utilized as a workspace to finish projects. 

What are the Top Considerations for Buying Tool Storages? 

Depending on your requirement, it may be better to purchase a portable one if you’re always on the go. But if not, then a tool storage system in the garage or workshop becomes a better idea. If you don’t know where to start with your storage, then here are some of the top factors to consider if you’re thinking of buying one. 

1. Identify storage needs

Regardless if you have plenty or only a small amount of tools, determining your storage needs will help you decide which product to get. While an average homeowner may only need a toolbox to keep tools for small repair works, it’s going to be different for someone who’s an avid do-it-yourself worker. From furniture making to car restoration, they will need plenty of tools. Thus, they will need a bigger storage space than a small toolbox like a rolling tool chest.  

2. Choose between a portable and stationary storage system

Heavy and many, it’s important to keep in mind whether you need to carry tools around or if it’s fine if it’s in one place when picking out a storage solution. If you’re a mechanic or carpenter who’s always on the go, then a portable one may be the right choice. Carrying multiple toolboxes will even out the weight and makes it easier to transport. On the other hand, workshop mechanics and people who work in one place will benefit more when purchasing a pegboard organizer or cabinet to keep all tools in one place. Working in the same location and with a dedicated space, it’s easier to grab tools and get to work right there and then. 

3. Material

From aluminum and steel to wood and plastic, there’s a variety of toolboxes and storage solutions made of different materials. Wood materials may have been popular before, but most tool storage is now made of aluminum and steel. Aside from being sturdier and more durable, they are lightweight which makes portability, not an issue. Even stationary tool storages come in various materials used. The difference is in its price, and so it’s up to you to decide which one to purchase. Will you go for a tool chest made of sturdier material or opt for plastic storage that’s easier to clean? 

Key Takeaways

When it comes to keeping your tools organized at all times, there is no magic formula. You only need the right tool storage solution. With one in place, it’s easier and more convenient to find tools because they’re where they’re supposed to be. 

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