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Third-party repair services are doing good for Apple users these days. Read this guide to know “Services Credible for Apple Watch Repair”


Third-party repair services are doing good for Apple users these days; still, they are considered a source of contention in the Apple community. Despite the growing number of third-party services for Apple watch repair in Vancouver, Apple does not encourage them as a repair option for users.

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Even many third-party services sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) parts for Apple devices; still, Apple is not in favor of such repair services. Sometimes, Apple users turn to third-party repair services for battery replacement in Vancouver because they find it a feasible option; however, in this post, we shall be discussing the things you should know about Apple watch repair before you visit any third-party repair services.

Should You Avoid Third-Party Repairs for Apple Watch?

There are a few reasons that some people give why one should avoid third-party repair services for Apple watch given below:

Reason #1: The third-party repair services sometimes void the warranty on Apple devices. 

Reason #2: The third-party repair services don’t use genuine parts to perform the repairs.

However, if you asked us, we shall tell you that the above reasons are rumored. Even the third-party repair services offer guaranteed replacements for Apple watches, and many of such repair services use OEM parts to repair Apple devices.

Why Should You Trust a Third-Party Repair Service?

Apple wants its devices to get untouched by third-party repair services, but some exceptions make Apple stores untrustworthy compared to a third-party repair shop. Apple store will never touch your smartwatch if it has suffered water damage.

If a smartwatch is dropped into water, Apple makes a claim; that is, it is completely dead and can’t be recovered; however, according to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), this claim is wrong. Even many repair shops offer the repair option for water-damaged Apple devices. So, third-party repair shops seem the only option to Apple users for Apple watch repair in Vancouver when it comes to water-damaged smartwatch repairs.

How Should You Approach a Third-Party Repair Service in Vancouver for Apple Watch Repair?

If you want to approach a third-party repair service for your Apple watch repair, you should go about it smartly. If you think the Apple store can’t fix the smartwatch for you on time, the third-party repair service is the only option that will be feasible. There are several things that you will need to check before you approach a third-party repair service provider. Here they are:

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  1. The Warranty: Before you take your step to move forward to a third-party, you should check your Apple watch warranty. If your Apple Watch is in warranty, you can rely on the Apple store; however, if your device has become old or is near expiration; you should visit a nearby repair shop to get it fixed.
  1. The Appointment: If you want to get an appointment to get your smartwatch fixed from an Apple store, you should keep in mind it will take some time, as you will need to mail your device to the store and wait for your turn. Isn’t it a hectic process? Why should you get an appointment while you can get your smartwatch fixed in a matter of hours if you trust a third-party repair service? 
  1. The Cost: If your watch is out of warranty, Apple will charge you too much fee for the repair; nevertheless, if you approach a third-party service to get it fixed, you can save enough money to invest in purchasing another item.

The above points will help you decide whether you need to approach a third-party repair service or not. 

Tips to Keep in Mind While Your Approach a Third-Party Repair Service:-

It would be best if you kept the following tips in mind while you approach a third-party service in Vancouver for Apple watch repair:

  1. The Reviews: If the repair shop has a website, look up for review there about that repair shop. For instance, the customers may have left a review about efficient battery replacement in Vancouver or iPhone or Apple watch screen fixes. If the reviews are positive, you can trust such a service.
  1. OEM Parts: If the repair shop offers OEM parts, it means such a repair service is worthy of trust.
  1. Guarantees: Inquire from the repair service whether it offers guaranteed repairs or not. If the service doesn’t offer a guaranteed repair, switch to the one that offers it.
  1. Data Recovery: Opt for a repair service that makes sure that the data of your Apple watch remains safe; otherwise, you will have to suffer a data loss.


Third-party repair services are doing an excellent job for Apple watch repair in Vancouver; still, Apple doesn’t support them. There is a wrong claim by Apple that can’t repair water-damaged Apple devices. That is also one reason which motivates Apple users to switch to third-party repair services for Apple watches repairs instead of Apple stores.

If your Apple Watch is not in the warranty stage, you should approach a third-party repair service for the repair. Last but not least, several benefits will encourage you to get your Apple watch repaired by a third-party repair service.

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