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In the Vancouver area, there are lots of pests. Read the article that explains the problem in Detail. House Mice Control in Vancouver


In the Vancouver area, there are lots of pests. In Vancouver, Norway/Brown rats, black rats, and house mice are some of the most common pests you may find. Among rodents, house mice are problematic pests for people as they can create potential health problems. Why? Because they carry bacteria and parasites that spread diseases. So, mice control in Vancouver is something that you cannot ignore as a resident in Vancouver.

House Mice:-

The house mice are a threat to your personal belongings and food items. They may steal your personal belongings and food items. Moreover, they can cause severe damage to insulation, electrical wiring, and different household appliances. House mice are one of the most unwanted pests owing to their cunning nature. One feels the need for pest control in Vancouver whenever they realize that a house mouse or mice have invaded his/her home.

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House Mice Appearance and Breeding:-

The house mice have large ears and tails. They have a sharp nose and gray to light brown fur on the body, sizing from 14 to 18 grams (g), and can easily fit into the small building areas. A house mouse can survive for two or more years and breed all over the year.

The female house mouse can give birth to two to thirteen house mice in each litter in eighteen to twenty-one days. So, when house mice have babies, there are lots of them. Large litters are also one of the chief reasons why it is difficult to get rid of the house mice.

Are House Mice a Big Deal for Homeowners:-

Unluckily, the mice infestation can be a huge problem for homeowners and even business owners. Such an infestation can worsen if the house mice find ample food or shelter for them in homes or commercial spaces. However, the house mice have a short life span as they often become prey. You can say that it is difficult to get rid of the house mice, but it’s not impossible.

What Can House Mice Damage?

Indeed, if a house mouse lives on your property, you can become a victim of severe damages. The house mice can damage cars, motorized equipment, bicycles, electrical systems, furniture, and of course, the property.

House Mice Carry Diseases with Them:-

You need to know that the house mice can pollute food sources, dishes, and cooking equipment. One of the most significant concerns for homeowners should be getting rid of the house mice as soon as possible because they can spread contagious diseases putting your family members and pets at risk. Are you getting our point now: Why is mice control in Vancouver necessary?

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Controlling the house mice is necessary; otherwise, their population will get multiplying. The best way to deal with the house mice is to contact an expert at pest control in Vancouver. Experts at pest control will visit your house for inspection; then, they will use the most effective techniques to help you deal with the house mice.

Their services may vary, ranging from humane to eco-friendly and pet-safe pest control. Nonetheless, you can also try different methods to get rid of the house mice from your home on your own.

Some DIY (Do It Yourself) Methods to Get Rid of the House Mice:-

Here are those methods:

  1. Using a Mouse Trap: A mousetrap baited with a food source can be handy in catching and killing the house mouse. If you like a more humane approach, use glue or sticky traps.
  1. Cats: Cats are also very effective in controlling the house mice population; still, you shouldn’t buy a cat for the only purpose of mice control.
  1. Poisons: Many commercial mouse and rat poisons are available in the market, but these poisons are toxic for children and house pets.
  1. Prevention: Possibly, the best method to get rid of the house mice from your home is that you don’t let them enter your home. If the house mice cannot enter your beloved home, they cannot even inhabit it. You should seal holes or cracks in your home if there are any to block house mice’ entrance. Compose piles can also attract the house mice, so it is better to keep them away from your house, garage, and shed. 

The house mice are unwanted creatures, and the amount of damage they can do is enormous. So, mice control in Vancouver is a matter of serious concern. Instead of dealing with the house mice all by yourself, you should consult a pest control service if you want to deal with the house mice successfully.


The house mice are one of the most troubling pests in the Vancouver area. They are a threat to your possessions and food items. The house mice also breed very fast. Luckily, the house mice don’t survive for long owing to predation.

They can damage loads of things in your home or commercial space, and they carry contagious diseases. You can take care of the house mice all by your self; still, you should let the job of dealing with the house mice to a professional pest control service.

You should feel free to contact Pesticon Canada to deal with pests, a pest control company that is an expert at pest control, including rodents, bed bugs, roaches, ants, mosquitoes, termites, and more in Vancouver.

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