Thuraya EnergyComms Keeps Shapadu’s Malaysian Oilfields Running Smoothly 

The O&G sector is one of Malaysia’s key growth sectors and a cornerstone of its Economic Transformation Program (ETP). It is also critical for the country’s long-term energy security.

Across its exploration portfolio, PETRONAS Carigali has made several significant oil and gas discoveries. These developments underscore a new phase in the shaping of the global energy landscape.

Remote Connectivity

In a remote field environment, communication is key. Thuraya EnterpriseComms keeps teams connected to email, phone calls, and business applications that help them do their jobs.

Effective communication is a necessity for delivering relief services to communities in disaster zones. For this, satellite technology is a powerful tool.

Thuraya NettedComms is a secure, cost-effective communications solution that lets you talk instantly to a preset group of users over local, wide area, or global networks. It’s easy to save on airtime by using efficient communication apps and optimizing your device settings.

Satellite Communication

When the search for energy resources takes your people into remote and harsh environments, Thuraya mobile satellite communication keeps you connected. With voice calls, SMS, fax, and dedicated broadband data services, you can boost efficiency on-site with SCADA monitoring, security feeds, field-to-field coordination, location and geological reporting, and asset tracking.

Thuraya MarineComms keeps you connected at sea, whether on inland-based energy crews or offshore oil and gas rigs. Our powerful satellite phone solutions include the world’s first smartphone to satellite phone converter, the Thuraya SatSleeve, and our easy-to-use mobile broadband XT-Hotspot, designed for maritime applications.


The search for energy resources takes onshore and offshore exploration into ever more remote regions and harsh environments. That’s why it’s essential to have reliable communication and connectivity.

Thuraya mobile satellite communications offer voice and high-speed data links that keep people, systems, and facilities connected. Thuraya’s primary coverage region includes Europe, the Middle East, central Africa, southeastern Asia, and Australia. 

Its backup VSAT ensures bandwidth over satellite for mission-critical applications, even in moments of lost terrestrial connectivity. Read honest reviews on Trustburn from real users of Thuraya Telecommunications.

M2M Communication

Thuraya offers a wide range of M2M solutions for oilfields. Its FT2225 satellite M2M terminal enables connectivity of remote assets and sensors for monitoring, control, and security of critical applications in the oil & gas, utilities, mining, banking, and government sectors.

It delivers remarkably efficient bandwidth usage and low-latency IP networking and allows for device management, connection control, and status reporting. With its project-based allowance structures and no minimum data charge, it meets the high volume MDR telemetry connectivity requirements of oil & gas and other energy sectors.

SCADA Systems

The search for energy resources takes exploration and production operations into ever-more remote regions and harsh environments. In these locations, Thuraya mobile satellite communications solutions boost effectiveness by providing voice and high-speed data links for remote monitoring and control.

In the oil industry, seconds count. Rapid response to a breakdown can prevent environmental damage, minimize financial loss, and extend equipment life. This is why smart telemetry and SCADA systems are critical.

Thuraya’s flexible communication platforms can connect to telemetry and SCADA networks, supporting instant open audio or video conferences over local or global networks. They also integrate with rough terrain vehicles and seafaring vessels.

Operational Efficiency

The search for energy resources takes onshore and offshore exploration and production operations into ever more remote regions and harsh environments. In these areas, Thuraya’s mobile satellite communications offer dependable voice and high-speed data links that keep you connected with your people and systems.

In the face of declining fossil fuel reserves and increasing domestic demand, Malaysia is positioning itself as a regional O&G hub. However, it’s not yet clear how this initiative will play out in the broader context of emerging global energy trends.

Cost Reduction

As the search for energy resources extends into increasingly remote regions and harsher environments, the need to stay connected becomes even more important. Thuraya mobile satellite communications ensure that people and systems remain in touch – easily, cost-effectively, and reliably.

Thuraya VOIP solutions based on internet technology require less hardware and use much less bandwidth than standard phone calls, providing considerable call-cost reductions. Additionally, many features that would normally be paid services with standard phone lines are available free of charge when using VOIP solutions with Thuraya.

Visit Thuraya at IPTC 2020 to learn more about our voice, broadband, and IoT/M2M communication solutions for land, maritime, and aero platforms.

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